Dr. Sarah Millar - WNT Signaling in Hair Follicle Development and Cycling


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Hey hellouser, check out my "RU best bet post" under anti-androgens. I'm a pharmacology student at UWO and I've just submitted a research proposal to the ethics board regarding Wnt signaling.


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The presenter, Sarah Miller, reiterated Cotseralis's conclusion that there is a normal amount of stem cells in bald scalp but there is a shortage of progenitor cells. She also seemed to say that Wnt mediates progenitor cell proliferation. These two posits taken together could mean that a drug which mediates Wnt could ameliorate hair loss. SM04554 purportedly mediates Wnt. I think this research bodes very well for SM04554. I continue to believe that SM04554 is probably a breakthrough treatment for hair loss and I continue to believe that Samumed is doing the extra phase 2 study so Samumed can gather biological data about SM04554 to submit in lieu of a phase 3 study in the event that the 21st Century Cures Act becomes law.