Dr. Patrick Mwamba (Fue Clinic) - 3.500 grafts - 24th & 25th of May 2021


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Hey Guys

My name is Louis, I am 34 years old, from the UK. I have been reading this forum for many years and decided to share my experience and FUE journey.

I will be having surgery with Dr Mwamba in Brussels next week on the 24th and 25th of May. I had a few consultations with other Doctors but decided to go with Dr Mwamba as a friend of mine had great results with him and highly recommended him.
I have been using a hair system for several years now and decided to get a hair transplant to cover my entire baling area which is a Norwood 5 by now. I will be documenting the entire process with monthly updates on here and Youtube videos as well as I thought it would be cool to share my experience with others and for some moral support as well. I will be doing some filming on the day of the surgery.
The surgical plan is to have two procedures of 3.500 grafts each. The first one for the hairline and frontal third and the second one for the mid scalp and crown.
I will also be starting medication (Topical Dutasteride 0.1% twice and Minoxidil 5% from FUE CLINIC) to try to maintain and recover zone 3 and 4.
I have extensive balding but a good solid donor and thick hair so we are expecting good results. Fingers crossed

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