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Dr Felix Popescu- Bucharest Romania

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants Information - General Discussions' started by zdm632, Mar 26, 2015.

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    I would like to bring into your attention a very good hair transplant surgeon who operates in Bucharest.
    HE does FUE, and the quality of work is top, despite being very recently in bussiness(maybe that;'s why he is still very little known outside the country).
    He started implants in 2013, but, in the same year he was accepted as a member of ISHRS.
    He performed hair transplant's to many "local stars" here in Romania, and we can see the results.
    For example, here you have a before/after patient(aprox 3500 grafts, 2 days intervention)


    During the implant:http://www.transplantimplantpar.ro/...lant-implant-de-par-clinica-dr-felix-popescu/

    After two weeks: http://www.transplantimplantpar.ro/vedete/transplant-de-par-poze-implant-dinu-maxer/ (there is an image gallery with even a very close one)

    After 10 months:http://www.transplantimplantpar.ro/...mai-tanar-cu-10-ani-dupa-transplantul-de-par/

    By no means i am trying to make lobby for him, he doesn't lack patients in any way(in fact you could hardly find a free day to schedule in the next 3-4 months).
    I was just wanting to remark him. And the price is excellent- 2 euros/graft.

    Another thing to notice is that the doctor himself was bald before(NW4A), so he searched for hair transplant surgeons in Romania and around the country, didn't find anyone wit decent results, so , as being already a doctor(in another specialty), he thought about becoming a hair transplant doctor, and, voila, he is one. Quite interesting, being bald and having a hair transplant himself, i think it motivated him to become a good surgeon.
    He had a hair transplant in 2012, here is the doctor: in the left, before hair transplant, in the right, after hair transplant:

    Here you have more pictures with dr Felix's implant:
    (the first case on the page)

    Another interesting fact:now, in Bucharest there are two high-end hair transplant clinics:eek:ne lead by dr Felix, another led by another doctor, dr Konstantinos (who is not Romanian, he's from Cyprus and comes periodically and operates in Bucharest also), who is the doctor who performed dr Felix's own implant, and also trained him initially.
    And...it seems like the student already out-performs his master, dr Konstantinos is a very good hair transplant surgeon too, but it seems that dr Felix's work is finer.
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    One of the most outstanding achievements of Dr. Felix Popescu is the pro-bono support offered to the burnt victims of the Colectiv Club incident in 2015. They succeeded to restore hair for patients on burn scars and skin grafts. You should see the amazing results of fue hair transplants for the burnt victims. Absolutely speechless.

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    €1 per graft is excellent.

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