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Jo H

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Hi there,

I've got an appointment booked for a hair transplant with Dr Farjo's team in Manchester.

Has anyone that's experienced their service got any views? Would you recommend them?

Many thanks,


If you do not want to travel outside of the U.K then Dr Farjo is the best choice and best surgeon in the U.K. He ticks all the correct boxes in terms of hair restoration surgery. You are in safe hands. Do not go anywhere else if you are staying in the U.K as the U.K has some of the worst hair transplant surgeons (except Dr. Farjo.)


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Hi Jo
how did you get on with Dr Farjo, also considering him, had a couple of consultations now and still not sure where to go, there does not seem to be many positive posts for UK Clinics.
thanks Hamish


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I know this thread is old but just wondered how you got on? I am thinking of having a consultation with him.