Dr Acar - Cosmedica 4700 Grafts Fue Istanbul / Turkey


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Hi I had surgery with Cosmedica with Dr Acar in Istanbul /Turkey total I had 4700 FUE grafts , I would like to share my experience , I did my online search and I found this clinic , I contact with them they arranged everything , hotel, transportation and surgery day and after medication , Dr Acar did my hairline and he made the plan with his medical stuff and supervised and checked it took about 7-8 hours and it went pretty smooth and next day i had my hair wash and I was ready to go , overall clinic is very good and close by hotel and airport ,and during my stay I enjoyed the food in Istanbul it was wonderful , and Dr Acar crew is very nice they are very helpful I totally recommend this place for hair transplant if you guys have any question feel free to ask me im also adding my pictures before and after I will add more pictures to show how it comes as result can’t wait for that



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