doug walker (nostalgia critic) (bald) vs james rolfe (avgn) (balding)


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Damn that's sad, does he have a disease or something? 39 is pretty late but not too late. I had a private teacher who struggled with women so he learned pick up advice (literally signed up to courses, read books, had group meetings with other PUA dudes), it didn't help much I think cuz he flew to Asia every once in a while to get laid. He finally met someone online from another country and brought her over here, they got married and at the end he won cuz she was good looking. He had hair though, I can't even imagine his struggle if he didn't.
middle aged white men are the demographic with the highest suicide rate lol

james doesnt have a nw5. and hes still at the stage where he can easily hide a lot of his hair loss by just getting a flattering hairstyle


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wtf dude cud get way better. especially considering his status

that sh*t a beast lmao
Some dudes are attracted to fat women it's a fetish. Maybe he's one of them. I couldn't get hard with one plus I'm too conscious of how I'm perceived socially so I'd rather be alone.


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He played a nerd but hates being one.