Do you still color your hair?


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I have alopecia areata and it's almost all grown back but there's some very obvious long strands of gray hair contrasting the rest of my dark hair! I've tried my best to resist coloring my hair for a year and half now...

Has anyone gotten their dermatologist's opinion regarding this? Anyone who's colored their hair and haven't noticed subsequent hair loss that might have been caused from it?


hi heidi :)

not sure what the hell lucy is going on about :dunno:

re dying your hair, as far as i know, dyeing your hair does not cuase loss at the roots (i.e. true alopecia) but over dyeing it can cause breakage somewhere on the shaft. this is especially true if you are dyeing to light colours such as blonde.

you mention you have dark hair? this means most dyes on the market will have no more than 6% peroxide (and some will have lower) and thats if you go for a permanent dye. Semi-permanent dye is even more gentle, but will wash out in a couple of weeks or so.

If you are really worried, try using the gentlest of them all, herbal semi colour (a good brand is Herbatint) - but this does wash out in 4-5 shampoos.

the real criteria to go for is they type of alopecia you have got. do you have any dermatitis of the scalp or any inflamation. some alopecia aufferers suffer from scalp issues whilst other (like me) just lose hair but their scalp is healthy.

if your scalp is healthy......and always has been, then permanent dye should be ok. when you get regrwoth, remember to dye only the bits that are grey, do not re-dye the whole shaft (as its permanent colour, the colour should not wash out). with semi's / herbals the colour washes out so you'll need to do the whole shaft each time.

its up to you, if you're nervous go for the vegetable semi and then progress from there



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I agree with Anita, dying your hair will not cause hair loss, I colour my bio hair every 6 weeks to blend it with my hair system and cover some grey i have coming through


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P.S : if you anyone can post pictures of same dying color that would be so nice of you.
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I think it is not good for hair at all. They need to bleach your hair before dyeing and it damage your hair. You can try hair extensions to avoid that damage. Vietnamese hair extensions is a good suggestion. Thanks!