Do men with grey hair also get hair transplantation surgeries?


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This question hits me hard now that I've turned 40 and I'm starting to see some grey in my hair. My hairline has been kept relatively okay now since 2007 with minoxidil, nizoral and dutasteride. However, the process slowly continues and I may one day want to get a transplant. That being said, I may be mostly grey by the time I'm 50 and and actually get a transplant done.
Are there very many men who still get hair transplants done to restore a good looking hairline even when their hair will be mostly gray? Is there still an aesthetic gain to that? Hope this questions makes sense.
As always, thanks to everyone who always chimes in with all the helpful information, it really helps!



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Sure, I don't see the problem with transplanting grey hair. IMO it can often be beneficial, since grey/white hair can often hide imperfections that may arise with a hair transplant like plugginess and such.