David Beckhams Hair August 2018 Bald Hair


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He has a new hair cut:

As you can see, he has male pattern baldness :


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He's too rich to lose his hairline (framing), and with his face it doesn't even matter. Women will drool about him for eternity.


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He has some thinning which is going to be apparent in strong sunlight and buzzed down.

My hair is the same but I am 7 years younger and have darker hair so it's more obvious.


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He has mild thinning which isn't noticeable when its grown out. He's 43, looks incredible, and has very little to worry about.

2 months ago:

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Is it really possible to go from the first to the second just with concealer? It seems too good to be true. I don't see how he'd be able to cover up the crown and the area around it. My pattern is similar to his and I absolutely can not grow it out and use concealer to get it to look like actual hair. How does he do it?


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Even at 43 with thinning hair he still looks better then 90% of men. Wayne Rooney, however, is a different matter.

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He's losing some hair for sure but as others said, he keeps it full by growing it out and using concealer. He might not have good hair anymore if this is all true and those pictures don't lie. In fact even for his age it would still be in bad shape but he can easily rectify it. No one can dispute his appeal to the ladies due to his amazing looks, he'd be a catch without the fame too. But no comment so far on his skin? It's terrible for someone just 43. Wrinkles, crows feet and jowls. I know it's quite the norm for many North Euros genetically but for me it's shocking. There are men in my family in their mid 50s barely like that with clean dry tight skin. I get it gives him a rugged handsome look but I've noticed this in him a while. Even his neck area has that atrophied, loose skin look.

I noticed some members on here they had premature skin ageing with balding, really oily looking skin too. I wonder if the bad skin is related to aggressive hair loss? Sebaceous gland hyperactivity is linked to androgen action and so is hair loss/dandruff/skin inflammation either directly or indirectly. But then it doesn't explain the guys on here who have youthful skin despite losing all their hair at a young age.


Oxidative stress is seen in Androgenetic Alopecia, other skin and systemic conditions, largely out of our control.