Craniofacial development - The thing that make us lose hair(A hair loss theory)

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I was reviewed recently my last theory that improper fusion of cranial sutures causes cranialsynostosis-like headshapes in men and muscle contractions. I started to notice that bad galea and poor facial structure usually go hand in hand. Most men that have poor facial structure have bad galeas and hair loss instead of it being 50:50 and most men that have good or more moderate facial structure have good galeas. Also I noticed that people that have truly good facial structure and correctly growing faces never have recesion of the hairline. I started to think that craniofacial development is much more important. I am starting to belive more strongly in a theory from a blog called that craniofacial development is the main thing that causes hair loss. Improper development of facial bones puts the head in an improper position and contributes to improper development of neck posture during childhood. Just look to the relation.


And improper spinal development causes the neck muscles to be in continious tension. The tension propagates to the galea throught myofascial conections and compresses tissues.

Here is the article about it with more information about it and pictures.

This guy is right 100% and I 100% believe him. According to this theory people with poor craniofacial development can still have their hair but people that have good craniofacial developement can't have the condition. According to this theory the neurocranium expands to protect the brain from the forces coming from the surrounding muscles. This could be the cause why balding men have ridged galeas. Evidence that support this theory is:

- Men that have correctly growing horizontal faces with prominent cheekbones and wide squared jawline never have recession of the hairline and always have perfect hair.




- Men that have really odd face shape are rarely a Norwood 1. Few men that have face shape like these characterized with flat cheekbones, thin nose, narrow jawline etc.






The fact that there are men with very poor facial structure(althought they are not very common) can still have their hair might be because poor craniofacial development affects how neck posture develop but not always. Some men's neck posture is not affected. The poorer the facial structure the more likely is for a man to suffer from a form of hair loss. Men that are Norwood 1 not always have perfect facial structure but they have more moderate and more symmetrical facial features. Here are how men that are Norwood 1 usually look like:






As you can see their face shapes aren't as poor as those of men who go bald or have receding hairlines.
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@Ritchie Even men that have more moderate facial structure and aren't Norwood 6 but have recession still don't have the same face shapes as men who are Norwood 1. Men with face shapes like those below who are Norwood 1 aren't still very common.






How men who are Norowood 1 typically look you can see in my post above.