Can anyone help me identify this hair loss?


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In a 10 year old boy - appeared 3 months ago and has very recently started to itch and shed more hair.

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It's seems to look like Alopecia Areata. It's best to have that checked by a professional, preferably by a hair transplant surgeon.


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We went to the GP who said not to worry and thought it was growing back, but 3 months on it a) hasn't, b) its worse and c) looks different to before (more rash like)

Been back to the GP and have an appointment with the NHS dermatologist in May, so have booked a private one next week!


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Hello Sparkle&Shine,

Sorry for the duress your child's hair issue is causing you. Perfectly understandable.
Still not 100% certain it is childrens AA. So until we can make a more definitive diagnosis, I did a quick google to confirm some symptoms of Alopecia areata and this is what I found that might at least might offer some insight (hopefully):

To date I have not found itching/inflammation associated with A.A.? Do you notice any evidence of flaking or scaling in child's affected region (crown)?
According to a couple sources inflammation or scaling is not present.

Approximately 25% of patients show grid like pitting in their nails.

It's origins are still unknown, yet it is not considered contagious.

@20% of patients have at least one family member with a history of A.A.

80% of children make a complete recovery(1 yr.) New hair's pigment can initially return lighter/white color.
This typically resolves itself and original color is restored.

I hope you'll soon get this satisfactorily addressed so you can aim your focus at your beloved son's complete recovery.

Whether or not this applies to your child's symptoms this image may give you a little better idea what nail pitting can look like?
All my best.