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Branco also sucess storey

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Guest, Dec 9, 2004.

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    Hi all different guys inside harloss talk.

    My name is called Branco fromb pig farm 10 kilometers framb Krakow inside Poland.

    1 year behind, all hair from on top of head fall off like is dead. I am thinking "oh my god is similar to "Mal patten bladness" and I prassably look like a madman inside only maybe 1 year. (inside Poland all guys who head is bald is made to live inside prison for baldman)

    I drink Rogaine for 2 manths but this make me feel like sick, I no want to eat all proprecia because is prassably make man into lady or bummer guy (like magnum PI Tom Selec who is homsexual with mustash) and if other guy on pig farm think branco is homsexual is possible they can want to marry branco (inside poland man who marry man can maybe take tax off fromb wages)

    Of course I find all hairlasstalk site on intanet and see nizoral shanpoo for hairlice is make all guys hair go back to old hair (like when branco was happy baby) only prassable problem can be nizoral is colour pink and guys on pig farm maybe prassably find nizoral and try to marry/kill branco.

    I can get up in marning at 4 clock and wash all hair with nizoral in dark when guys can no see pink color, also when am in shower I have old sword branco father give from world worm one and if guys try and 'bum up' branco when i use nizrol i can cut off all eyes.

    prassably nest year I will eat some new drug for hair like drutusaraide that is good to kill DHL like proprecia, but no make man look simlar to freddy mecury from inside rock/bummer group queen.

    thankyou for all help in internet guys

  2. Please be advised, Branco is our special little friend here at HairlossTalk. He's similar to the kid you knew at school who rode the short bus. He always wants to participate, always has a great attitude, tries his best to fit in, and gets along with everyone. But he's a little off the mark, and way out there sometimes. Still, we let him participate here on the forums, and let him feel like he is one of us. Take his success story in that light :)

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