Avodart vs. Finesteride


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I have been using Avodart for over 2 years. I also use Nizoral shampoo and head and Shoulders Generic. Anyway, I was losing my hair diffusely and this stuff saved me. Heres the bad part, side effects: I have gained alot of weight on the Avodart. And theres the brain fog.

Has anyone used Avodart and switched to Finesteride with good results? is it noticably less effective due to blocking less Dht? Maybe there are less sides such as weight gain and brain fog compared with Finesteride. Also, has anyone used topical dht blockers and with success comparable to internal dht blockers? Thanks.


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I went the other way: switching from finasteride. to Avo., and there was certainly a step up in terms of efficacy; but how much of a 'performace gap' you personally would experience between the two drugs is impossible to predict.

Why not try a reduced dosage of Avodart first? Perhaps take it two out of every three days... or even every other day, that would still provide greater 5AR inhibition than finasteride and hopefully alleviate the sides. You could always add in a topical anti-androgen as well, but as I don't use one myself I can't really comment further.


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what is avodart? where do you get it from? costly? sides?

i have been on finasteride (oral and then topical) and while it is effective for me, i experience the ED sides.

i was thinking about using proxiphen regularly, but tell me about avodart.

i am on spironolactone (2% cream) nightly, nizoral shampoo 2x/week, 15% xandroxPLUS at night, 5% xandrox in the morning, and nano shampoo 6x/week.

suggestions? i have seen when i get of finasteride, hair thins out in U-shape.


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I switched trom 0,5mg/d Avodart to 1,25mg/d Finasteride about 3 months ago.

I didn't experience any negative changes so far , only thing that changed is that I shed less hairs on finasteride . This has started after about 1 month after the switch . I went from like 100 to 60 each day.
I hope that means I won't lose any Avodart gains and the finasteride is inhibiting the DHT almost as good as the dutasteride..

This is how I did the switch : For about 10 days I took 0.5mg dutasteride eod , than i took nothing at all for 10 days and then I switched to finasteride.