At a crossroads and need some advice


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Hi all

I’m currently weighing up my options re:stylists and suppliers. I have been happily using a stylist for a few years who has until recently been amazing. However, he has recently been supplying me with poorly constructed systems. They have rarely lasted two months and often have defects that render them useless after a couple of weeks.

I went to see a new a new company, and the guy looked at my current unit and said the hair was obviously processed and coloured. He said their systems were much better, but quoted me three times the price.

So my question is: is it worth paying the extra; will it mean a better quality system and savings in the long run? Or is it all just a sales pitch?
would appreciate any insight that any of you can offer.



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Virtually all systems are made with hair that had been processed and coloured, so if he is suggesting otherwise that is just a bit of sales puff. But there are differences between different suppliers in the quality of the hair they use, the quality of the base material and the workmanship with which it's put together, like the seams and the knitting. So there could be substance to the claim. I think perhaps I would ask him to spell out in detail exactly what the differences are between what he's selling and what you're currently wearing. You can't really evaluate the difference in hair quality when the unit is brand new and has silicone on it, but you should be able to see and evaluate the other improvements, if any.

Three times the price is a lot, and frankly I am doubtful. What figures are we talking about?


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One supplier bad talking another reminds me of builders head shaking at the work of someone else. Unsurprising.
Without seeing examples before and after a few months its impossible to know from this distance.
Quality can vary widely between suppliers and within suppliers - my understanding is often orders are given to individual people to make and skills are not all equality nor the hair supplied at that time.