Another tupee was spoted


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Out of respect for this baldy, please do not spell his name correctly to show up in search results. Just google image search the piece, and talk about the hair without typing the name of the person.

Google image search cccchucck Norrrisssss.

I was on a different forum, and someone posted a picture of him for completely different reasons. Then out of the blue someone said never mind [that] look at what is up on his head.

I, an expert norwood spotter, did not spot it before. But on closer looking, noticed the color was wrong. It does not match the sides. Top is youthful, sides have slight greying.

Did the color difference give him away, or did the color perfection to age ratio give him way? I hope the later, which would mean that slight color imperfections would not be too big of a problem. There is no shame is greying a bit with age. You can still have a full head of hair.

I bet if the top were more grey than the sides, no one would have noticed.

Final question: Do you think I'm sober right now, or drunk, and why?