Adipose Stem Cells (7 Words Bla Bla)


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Found this on ebay:

Of course I do not trust it but does anyone have experience with this type of treatment?
Alot of doctors who were doing PRP were using adipose tissue stem cells from your own body. Apparently, this technique was more effective than taking it from an area with less adipose tissue. I wouldn't want anyone else's stem cells unless he was clean and had a thick NW1.


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The reviews lol.....




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I would never...well, I probably would. But haven't.

This is linked in that listing;

'Hair Regeneration Treatment Using Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Conditioned Medium: Follow-up With Trichograms

Hirotaro Fukuoka, MD, PhD and Hirotaka Suga, MD, PhD'
Published online 2015 Mar 26.

Which has a sample of a 24 year old guy going from 126 hairs in an example, to, after 7 months....a whooping 141 hairs.

So maybe there's something there, but that should be for guys freaking out over a maturing hairline, or maintaining one, and not for guys seeking to get anything major back?

The only hit for 'Trichograms' on this site is related to spironolactone on the main pages; nothing in the forums so apparently this was missed overall. Which doesn't surprise me, outside of natural woo we on the forums may be in a plight of being pigeonholed....

At the very least I wouldn't be surprised if someone here does try it. We got guys here trying everything from what, cactus juice to whatever?