9 year old girl- hair not entering regrowth-- help!


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My 9 year old daughter has been losing her hair for the past 8 or 9 months. The trichologist said it was low iron and low vitamin D. The dermatologist said it was telogen effluvium and prescribed luxiq (topical steroid). The pediatric endocrinologist was useless but did tell us he did not see a thyroid problem.

The thinning is diffuse and really starting to show now. Other factors: She gained a lot of weight suddenly in the past 2 years or so; we have a family history of hypothyroidism; she has joint problems in her knees and ankles occasionally; and she had a fever about 3 months before I first noticed the thinning and she had her tonsils out about 2 months after I first noticed the thinning. Recently we started her on iron, vitamin D, omega 3, probiotic, vitamin c + b complex, biotin (and biotin and tea tree shampoos), and silica. Also weekly castor oil and coconut oil hair treatments.

Can anyone recommend a specialist within 100 miles of DC? Or take a guess at what's wrong and/or how to fix it? Or suggest other natural remedies?

She had lots of lustrous curly hair until 9 months ago. I am worried that we are missing some underlying disease that is progressing. Thank you to anyone who can help.


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Maybe you could get hold of a copy of her blood test results and see what her TSH and T4 are?

There are lots of good topical hair stimulants, I'm trying to think of something nice and mild, but still effective. Possibly Spectral RS? I'm afraid I know more about the strong ones than the mild ones!

But yeah take a look at those blood test results, antibodies would be a good one to get too. Is she ok with blood tests? If not then you can get anaesthetic creams/gels like Emla and Ametop :)

I would say a multivit is a good idea but the problem is that if it's anything like hashimoto's (antibodies problem) then stuff like iodine and selenium in most multivits may make it worse (but if it's not then they will help).

That's a good start anyway! :)


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Remember that supplementing does not give results overnight. You need to stick with things often for a good several weeks to a couple of months.
Good luck