7 yr old with alopecia since he was 3yrs


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hello everyone,
i have a 7yr old son who's hair 1st fell out at 3yrs old. it started as a small patch that fell out, grew back then fell out again but in a bigger patch. i took him to a derm dr and they have him a cream that made his skin dard in the area where the cream was applied. then they have him a foam which did not work. i just don't know what to do at this point.

i feel bad because i believe he got it from me for i have alopecia as well starting at age 21. i'm 30 now with half of my hair growing and falling out and getting bigger every time it falls out. i can cover with a wig. however, u can't put a wig on a boy (african american) and send him to school. not gonna work.

if anyone have any suggestions, please feel free to share. he gets teased at school all the time. his dr wrote him a not to wear a hat in school and that seems to be working with his self esteam. please help.


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hi my name is jesse and i am 11.
i lost my hair when i was 6 and it came back in a years time. now i am 11 and it is falling out again. i am now in middleschool and wear bandanas and hats. i am in a month going to get a non surgical hair replacement wich meand they r gonna glue a wig onto my head. i know it doesnt sound all that fun but from the pictures they show me at the place "new immage" it looks verry natural. all you have to do is go there and give them a pic of your sons hair when he had it then they will make a wig for him. well i hope this answered some questions for you. sorry i cant tell you any more about the "new immage" place. best wishes for you and your son :)