2509 FUE prohairclinic belgium


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here my revieuw of prohairclinic :
hair transplant of 2509 fue was done on 6 and 7 april 2010...

i booked a hotel in antwerp
i arrived at the prohairclinic at 7u30 in the morning
i filled in some questionforms , and they marked the zone that need to be done in the front , after that they shaved my head , now you can see my scar from my first hair transplant in istanbul 2 years ago , it was done with trico-closure , but i had some streching of the skin in the right part....

i go into the hair transplant-room , and sabine and the assistents are allready there...
they explain to me what there gonna do
first they stun the skin with a product , then they press an ice-pack on the donor area , after that they stun the donor area with a high pressure gun , its painless , after that they put a vibration device on the parts where they inject the products to stun the zone even more , and after that they start extraction...
when it was 12u they had extracted 1200 grafts
my dinner was ready in another room where i could relax a bit and eat
after that its back to the hair transplant-room to inplant the crown...
again same procedure, crown is numb and they start design the crown again and after that begin the inplantation of the grafts....
i picked a movie that i wanne watch : alien vs predator 2
it was 15u when it was all done
they give me a aloe vera spray to spray the donor and hair transplant area 3 times a day with.... and also a neckcussion and a steril cover sinds the if could lose a bit wattery stuff when i sleep , its to protect the pillow/bed with...

i'm a difficult sleeper and sleeping with that neckcussion to protect my crown from damaging in my sleep was not easy , when i wake up i had turned in my sleep out of the cussion and i touched my crown i think , so i had one bleeding and lost 1 graft on my crown , to bad, but you cant do much about this, maybe strap yourself securly on the bed... when you sleep you dont control your body

ok next day , i arrived back at prohairclinic
same procedure, stun again the donor area , now the right side, the other day they did the left side...
they extracted 1309 grafts from the right side
after that i get to eat again
after this i go back at the hair transplant-room and pick a movie that i wanne watch : star wars (the last one)
at advice of sabine they will alter the type of the hairline also , now i had a round hairline , and they made a more naturel hairline of it like this : vvvvvvv
the right temple was also fixed up a bit , sinds my right temple was a bit wider then my left temple....
at 16u30 the hair transplant was done
they took some pictures , explained me what to do , and when , and gave me also an instructionlist what to do , also another aloe vera spray , a shampoo that has : organic argan oil - rosemary oil and cedar oil in it...
and a extra steril protection for on the neckcussion....

verry good clinic , the people are so nice to you , so scared to give you pain , i think they say it 1000 times : if it hurts , just let us know and we fix it...
for me prohairclinic is number 1...

for my pictures , i have to post a few times sinds 7 pictures is the limit
here are my pics how my hair looked like before this hair transplant :


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shaved head and scar

here some pics of my head shaved and how my strip scar looks like
its was trico-closure , but right side had some streching of the skin...
scar is from above left ear down under and back up the other ear , max fut...

my front side (hairline) was 30 - 35 grafts/cm from my first strip hair transplant in istanbul
the crown was a little bit done then 2 , they added 20 grafts/cm2 there
the middle part of my head is still healthy thanks to more then 2 years dutasteride every day....


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crown hair transplant (day 1)

well here a post-up picture of the crown...
the density is now 60 grafts/cm2 here... will be nice thick....

als a pic of the day later, after sleeping, and turning out of the neckcussion....
so i lost a graft , by my own fault, had to be strabed on the bed :whistle:


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here some pics of the hairline and front part....
65 grafts/cm2 now ....

right temple is corrected so the 2 temples are the same now...
the shape of the hairline is fixed to a more natural hairline
i had before from my first strip a clear half-circle hairline , now i have a more natural one more like this design : vvvvv


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donor area
that bit of blood on the left side was from the blooding that night , i waith a bit to clean this up sinds i dont wanne stress the donor 2 much , first let it heal a bit

i think 2 big fue hair transplants would be better, but the path of strip was allready made
but fue is by far better then strip, i felt like sh*t after my strip for a few day , with this i walked out of the clinic happy , the difference is huge....
i'm verry happy with my , prohairclinic is a verry professional clinic...

and now its happy growing ...

also a picture taken with my lg vieuwty when i just got home from the clinic :


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what about the first hair transplant? at what age did u made it? and u were happy with the first one?because i'm aiming to make an hair transplant in turkey with fue...


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it will be nice if u will post your story...from the time you had first signs of balding till today...I think it will be a great deal...improving the idea that hair loss can be defeated!


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my whole story of the battle against hairloss till now , that would be alot of pages long, sinds i tested almost any product/meds on the market...
this was my startingpoint : this was me on januari 2008 :
i was at least a norwood 5...

hairloss started when i was 18 -19 ....
and it did go fast
this summer i become 28 years old

for hair transplant in turkye , i didnt risk it anymore, i only trust a clinic specialized in FUE...
sinds there good results with fue from turkye , but also verry bad results...
sinds you have limited donor and mine was not so much anymore , i could not risk it , i only trust prohairclinic for this... and there prices are also not so high
but i wish you good luck for your future hair transplant in turkye.... seek lots of patientresults of that clinic before you go in...


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thanks for the detailled posts and pics. I wish you best of luck!


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and maybe...just my opinion...if you would have tried finasteride since 19-20 years you maybe have had now much more hair...just my opinion...


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How much did you pay for the 2509 FUE?


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yep i know, i had gone to a doctor when i was 21 for my hairloss, he could not do anything for my hair he said , he directed me to a dermatologist , and she did bloodtest and only give me subscription for amino/vitamin supplements...
so i have never known that there was a produkt availible that could stop it....
if i had know that finasterid exist , i would taken it right away...
i got all the information from the web when i was 25 , i started instant with duta , but it would still be late sinds male pattern baldness was allready 7 years active....
so i blame the holding back of information of the doctor and the dermatologist
chanses where that i never need a hairtransplant in the first place...

price was 5750 euro
there pricelist is here : http://www.prohairclinic.com/productpag ... tID=555337

they do most of the time megasession fue , up to 4000 grafts


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4100 euro for 2725 grafts FUT...

it was true a dutch firm that arrange the flight / hotel / person that come get you at your hotel and translates if needed...
i think if you go direct to the clinic there the price would be cheaper...

nothing bad about turkye.... but i prefferd a clinic nearby more , sinds for fue the team needs to be verry skilled and if theres anything wrong , its only 1 hour drive to the clinic...
its also what clinic gives you a good feeling, i had this with prohair... they dont give a commercial feeling... sinds i went there for my prp sessions also , they gave me the best feeling and confidence and there many patients from there on our dutch forum and everybody is happy

but like i'm saying, you fixed on going to turkye , so i wish you good luck
just look into result of the clinic on forums , to be sure...
i'm not saying turkye is bad....
but like dr keser, he was more expensive then prohair.... so whats the deal ? for local people he gives low prices, for toerists , he charges more higer....
and believe it or not , but there is one person on our forum that didnt much growth after his fue from dr keser , i think that every hair transplant have some risk....


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Good luck Wesley, the work looks very nice. I look forward too seeing it in 6 months time, keep us posted :)


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ok no problem , when the scabs are washed off i will post another picture

and the coming months i will post some new pictures also , so everyone can follow the progress/growth...


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pics after my first shampoo wash ( 15-04-2010)

there still a few scabs on there that dont come off easy , so i let them on for now, with next wash they will come off...

as my hair grows now , you see that i start getting grey :)
on 29/04 i go to antwerp for medical pigmentation of my fut/strip scar
they will do first a test and the next time they will do the full scar , so i can shave it short without that you see the strip scar...


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what punchsize (right term?) does prohairclinic use for their procedures?

also what density did you get in terms of grafts per cm^2?