21 month old hair loss?


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Last month while on vacation I noticed my son's car seat was full of hair. I started to see his pillow and shirts also full of hair. I sort of thought maybe he was pulling it out out of boredom from sitting in his car seat on the long ride. It lasted a few days/week? not very long.

It just started again a few days ago. This time I noticed, if I touch his hair, clumps fall out. So I don't think he is pulling it. It is just falling out. I have looked online at the common reasons for hair falling out, and it doesn't (to me) fit the description of tinea capitis, alopecia, pulling of the hair and he hasn't been under any stress.

I don't notice anything on his scalp. He has fairly long hair. Fringes short, everything else about half way down his back. So even though clumps are falling out, it isn't very noticeable.

I have an appt in a few days with a dermatologist. I am just looking for advice on what to look for.

Also if his hair stops falling out before my appt, can they still test/see what is causing it?

Oh, another random thing to add, I am still breastfeeding him and I am pregnant (7 mo), could it be some sort of hormone imbalance in me causing this to happen to him?



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