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    How Do I Avoid Side Effects From Minoxidil?

    I assume you've stopped using it? Did the side effects subside a little?
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    Hair loss Is ruining my teenage years and I’m only 15 ffs

    Sorry to hear that bro. I'm not much of a looker either and I'm around a Norwood 2.5 at 26 and depressed, can't imagine how bad it must be for you. Guess your only option is a hairpiece. Nice avatar though, Death Note's my favourite anime.
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    How Do I Avoid Side Effects From Minoxidil?

    What side effects did you get? I've used it for 2 months and haven't got any side effects yet.
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    Is this a good dermapen? (seven words) Seems pretty decent. Just worried that 36 pins seems like...
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    Does Anyone Else Here Play Video Games?

    Mainly play on PS4. Also own other PlayStation consoles and have a old budget PC build. Recently beat NFS Heat which was a bit boring at first but got a lot better halfway through. Hated the music though. I'd say my favourite genres are hack n' slash, JRPG, RPG... really like everything apart...
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    Why don't people like Joji get hair transplants?

    Yeah, I'm a NW2/2.5 but the left and right side of my frontal hair never grows beyond my temples. Then again, I've never really grown out my hair that long. The coverup works in photos but in his videos it's more noticeable. I could understand the average Joe sticking with it but this guy...
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    Why don't people like Joji get hair transplants?

    He's around a Norwood 3 or 4 and it clearly bothers him given the hairstyles and hats. He should have more than enough money to get a top tier transplant.
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    Does minoxidil work on receding hairline?

    I apply the foam version to my crown and hairline/temples. Been using it for over a month now and I've seen a some weak hairs grow on my right temple and less on the centre and left side.
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    Am I balding ?? (I am 16)

    Hard to tell tbh. Could be possible that your hairline is naturally a bit high, doesn't look like it's receding. The way your your hair splits behind the crown and back is something I've never seen but it could be just normal for you.
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    hairline question for upcoming hair transplant with pictures

    How old are you? Your hairloss is very aggressive. Zone 1 is your temples which are completely gone. Based on what your surgeon recommended it seems like a transplant would focus more on building density then restoring the hairline/temples. You're crown falls in zone 6 so the surgeon won't be...
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    I'm confused, am I Norwood 2 or Norwood 3 ?

    I'd say 2.5. Your hairline is in a similar position to mines.
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    Someone I know was diagnosed with cancer. Puts things in perspective

    I agree. My father is seriously ill at the moment and my hair loss seems completely trivial in comparison. I wish the best for your friend and hope for a speedy recovery.
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    Rogaine Minoxidil foam turned into liquid?

    Only did it once and it was still pretty much solid after a few hours. Got annoyed and threw it away. Then again I think the can was almost empty. I just hate how in liquid form it trickles down my forehead. What works for me is to pour some in the cap and then wait for it to turn into foam...
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    Where does my hairloss stand

    You're around a Norwood 3. Looks like finasteride is helping maintain your current hair. I'd look into getting a transplant if you want to restore your temples as it doesn't look like you'll be seeing any regrowth on finasteride or even minoxidil.