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    Harry H's 13th Month Update

    Hi All Posted my story in this section, around 5/6 months ago. Just thought I'd give you an update on my current situation. As I wrote before, I had good regrowth along my hairline while using Propecia & nizoral. :D But still had thinning on my crown area. :( Decided to bite the bullet...
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    If finaesteride increases testosterone????????

    Well it worked on my hairline!! :D Have a look at the Resource Library section, there's a paper covering a study of Propecia for frontal hair loss. HH
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    If finaesteride increases testosterone????????

    Been taking finasteride for a year now. In my case I've had hairline regrowth, but none on the crown. So I suspect it will be different for each individual. HH
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    One Propecia Thread To Rule Them All

    Propecia 1mg 10 months 28 now (notice loss 1 year ago) Recession of hairline & thinning of crown Definitely maintained & good regrowth on hairline (but not on crown!!) Just started Minoxidil on crown!!
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    Sunburnt Scalp

    Thanks for the replies guys!! :) Reason I ask is that the time I first noticed thinning on my crown, was a couple months after being badly sunburnt there!! It was bad enough that my scalp turn a lovely yellow colour & came off in lumps!! :freaked2:
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    Sunburnt Scalp

    Hi All Read somewhere (forget where!!) that a sunburnt scalp in some cases can lead to permanent damage of hair follicles. How likely is this?? Could a sunburnt scalp really lead to "permanent" hairloss?? :o Thanks :) HH
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    Hi All My current regime consists of propecia 1mg a day & Nizoral 3x a week, which I've been on for 10 months. I've had good results on my hairline, where I seen some regrowth:). Still have thinning on my crown & this doesn't seem to have improved much. I'm considering starting...
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    Which conditionar is good for dry scaple?

    Hi Rsx I use Tricomin conditioner. It seems to stop the dryness caused by using nizoral 3 times a week. I tend to use it every other day. It also contains Cu peptides (lower levels than in the spray), which have been show to aid regrowth in some cases. HH
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    Harry H's Story

    I was 26 when I first noticed hair thinning on my crown (Now 27!!). Over the next few months I noticed my hairline started to recede as well. Always had a less than perfect hairline, so it was only a small change really. Well at this point panic set in, as I'm sure it did for many of you...
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    Hi Nasty Regime is as follows; Propecia 1mg (am) Nizoral 2% every 2/3 days T Sal Tricomin conditioner (to avoid itchness from nizoral). MSM 1g per day Trying to avoid using minoxidil at mo. If the fighting gets desperate will try it then!! HH
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    Hi All First noticed the dreaded male pattern baldness, with hair thinning on my crown. Then over the next few months my hairline started to recede. Since starting my regime, I have noticed excellent regrowth on my hairline :), but less on the crown. :( My question is... have you guys noticed more...
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    yes this will sound stupid.

    Personally, I've seen signs of regrowth from Propecia (in comb with nizoral 2%) for my hairline, so anything's possible. Have u read the research paper on this site? Good luck :D HH
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    Propecia, then minoxidil

    Good luck to ya... :D HH
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    Propecia, then minoxidil

    Hi macquas2 Just keep in mind that if you use minoxidil, any regrowth gained will be lost if you stop using it. Applying the stuff twice a day can be a pain as well. Most people here say to keep your regimen as simple as poss. With 2 months on finasteride & nizoral you haven't really given them a...
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    jukup's Story

    Hi Jukup Firstly u are not alone, we've all felt the same as u do, but the best answer is to do something about it... like u're doing!! male pattern baldness can cause itching (inflamation), hence why the doctor told u to use Nizoral. If u're sure that it is male pattern baldness then don't wait for an appointment at Derms...