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    Is Minoxidil Really That Great For Diffuse Thinners?

    If you are a responder than yeah it works a lot better for diffusing vs receeding.
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    Is This Normal? Anything I Should Be Concerned About?

    You just have a unique hairline, which I find rather "cool looking" lol mine just goes straight across my forehead. Just monitor it every other month. Don't obsess.
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    Am I Maintaining? 10 Months On Finasteride 6 Months On Dutasteride

    Looks good, its very very rare to see 5ar inhibitors regrow recession, thats usually only seen in more aggressive regiments that involve minoxidil+derma rolling. Why did you switch to dutasteride? I did it because finasteride was giving me between 45-50% reduction in serum dht, there is a much greater variance in...
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    Dutasteride Successes In The Hairline Struggling Many

    I mean it works, pretty powerful stuff though. What kind of thinning do you have?
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    Those That Have Switch From Topical Min To Oral.

    Been on dutasteride 0.5 mg every day for 5 years now. As i've stated before i literally dont shed any hair. Not even a normal amount of shedding. I've let my shower "accumulate" hair for a month to just see and still nothing. Doesn't actually seem normal. That being said, literally nothing has...
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    Any Experience With Very Low Dose Oral Minoxidil (less Than 5 Mg)

    Probably i mean I was always curious about the absorption of such a small amount in the mucous membranes in the mouth. Sublingual meds also bypass the first pass effect so they dont get extensively metabolized in the liver. Idk its been awhile since I've been into the science stuff but i guess...
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    Histogen Phase 3 Started In Mexico A

    It has nearly been 5 years since hellouser interviewed them... dear God.... I've always tried to stay hopeful because of "science" but at this point i'm really not sure anything is going to happen. Never really check this forum anymore...
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    Hairloss Prevention While On Steroids

    Lo lol yeah that’s fair, I realize I’m stating the obvious. Yeah thats true, i have no idea why my dumb *** decided to say what literally everyone already knows.
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    Hairloss Prevention While On Steroids

    If you're concerned about hairloss, do not take anabolics. Its possible to curb the damage, but if you're genetically vulnerable you're just accelerating the process. I've seen several people ask about combating hairloss while using like its a temporary issue, but you cant fully protect your...
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    Hypotension From Oral Minoxidil (urgent)

    Basically this, the only advantage to taking oral vs topical is 1. If you don't respond to topical that doesn't mean you wont respond to oral and 2. convenience, man its so much easier to just swallow something then to make a routine out of greasing your scalp.
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    Absolutely Nothing Grows Hair Except Tranny Regimen

    It is really unfortunate that we know how to reverse the condition but we can't without feminizing ourselves. And even if you did then stopped the results would eventually reverse. Hair is the wimpiest tissue out there.
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    Follica Microneedling Protocol Patent Disclosed

    1600 cm2 is a lot. I'm not going to try and achieve this on myself, but I am at least glad to hear that they are doing it in a way we haven't really been able to.
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    Hypotension From Oral Minoxidil (urgent)

    Still probably safer than taking the lowest dose of oral minoxidil. The scalp is thick and tough. One of the reason the solution has such a high concentration of min.
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    Hypotension From Oral Minoxidil (urgent)

    Well sounds like you're aware of what you're doing. Hope you see results.