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    Foods, quercetin, PGD2, and saving miniaturizing hair

    I buy bottles of quercetin, use a mortar and pestle to grind into powder, add milk of magnesia, mix into a viscous paste, use as lube to aggressively masturbate for maximum absorption, and then drench the sloppy mess with topical dutasteride as a chaser. Will report back with results.
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    Repeat after me, it’s a numbers game

    I just walk around with my pants unzipped and get offers thrice daily to be fellated.
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    Why do so many bald guys turn into cucks?

    Embrace your role as a bald cuckold. Focus your attention on making a lot of money and you'll marry an attractive, dominant woman who likes to ride the c*** carousel whilst you funding her (and her boyfriends') escapades and waxin' the dolphin to the fantasy of it all. What's not to love...
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    Should baldies be allowed to bring propecia into prisons?

    Bald men shouldn't be allowed to vote. This would motivate them to fix their baldness, and reduce their stress levels because they wouldn't be worried about politics.
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    Permanent brain damage from finasteride?

    I won't pretend that finasteride is 100% safe, but it's all about risk vs reward. Am I worse off balding, or taking an established drug that doesn't really give me side effects? One could argue hundreds of drugs out there (birth control?) affect hormones that are important for the body, but millions...
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    You cant win as a bald or balding man

    Find a dominant woman and embrace cuckoldry. It can be quite rewarding.
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    a bald dude i distantly know got recently engaged

    He must have a 14 inch penis
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    Update From The God Himself - Dr. Takashi Tsuji

    I'm now hearing it's $300K per follicle
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    10+ year Finasteride 1mg daily user - just dropped to 0.5mg

    No, I only maintained and grew a little bit for about 11 years. Then when I started WFH due to the pandemic, I more consistently applied min 2-3 times per day and didn't wash my hair every day. I saw MASSIVE hair growth since that started.
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    10+ year Finasteride 1mg daily user - just dropped to 0.5mg

    I don't, sorry. I can tell you that my hair now is WAAAY better than what it was at age 32. Read my other thread regarding my story...I've had massive regrowth in the past year.