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New Profile Posts

  1. ihatebackstabbers
    ihatebackstabbers Myaccount
    Greetings. I hope all is well. How's the situation going with your hair?
  2. petersonKj
  3. oomska
    oomska bryan2003
    Hey mate, hope you're doing well! I'm curious about the group buy for CB. Are you still managing one?
  4. John Burd
  5. Lurker85
    Making progress. I'm going to beat this, guaranteed.
  6. Student83
    How do i post images
  7. Student83
  8. Steve2019
    Little hair growth after hair transplant 12 months ago. Has the transplant failed?
  9. Yar
    Yar Itsnoahkennedy
    hi. how is your hair? is everything all right?
  10. Medichelp99
  11. joelortiz
    joelortiz Murat312
    hocam iyi akşamlar zix kullanıyorsan bana yardımcı olur musun?
  12. LifeSucks5008
    Shoould i continue using ketokonazole shpoo?
  13. oomska
    oomska Tom4362
    Hey man! I'm interested in buying the CB off you. I've literally made an account just to message you lol. I'm in the UK but can send cash via Transferwise easily.
  14. hokixisiv
    Evolving appearance.
  15. hokixisiv
    hokixisiv Noah
    Hi Noah, can you PM me with the details of the Madrid / other EU hair systems stores?
  16. NinjasubmarinerOG
    Solitude is bliss
  17. NinjasubmarinerOG
    No tranny drugs for me... I’ll fuck a hot tranny though and most of you aren’t passable!
  18. SerdarN
    I am 19 years old and I am not balding but my hair is just falling everyday although my hair was really good a year before. Will I be bald?
  19. vladislav
    vladislav ipokium
    Hello, have you managed to find dutasteride?
  20. OldnBald
    Started finasteride on 8/26/19, hoping for the best. Been on minoxidil 2x daily for two years, minimal results.