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  1. TruthBombs
    TruthBombs Rosenkohl
    My scalp stopped sweating as I rectified some nutritional issues, and so did my hair loss. My scalp was ALWAYS sweating VERY heavily which made my hair look even thinner and styling useless.

    Are you still around, I have some more ideas.
  2. tomJ
    tomJ fixthis
    Ru is also going to go systemic fyi. Are you more tired?..i was when I was on it briefly.
  3. Joe Marini
  4. hanginginthewire
    hanginginthewire JeanLucBB
    Do you have any retrograde?
  5. Nostro100
    Nostro100 Roberto_72
    May I ask why is Ru dropped in your regimen? Side effects or lack of effectiveness (or both)?
  6. Pogbaku
    Pogbaku shadowcast
    I see that you mentioned that you had thin baby hair regrowth on minoxidil first. How long did it take to turn terminal?
  7. oni2
    oni2 s.a.f
    I'm back......
  8. oni2
  9. oni2
  10. Pogbaku
    Pogbaku wemustchange
    Can I take Dutas and finasteride alternatively?
  11. TheZyzz
    I'm balding and I know it
  12. Rootz-Hair
  13. Beowulf
    Praise be to Tsuji the Otter lord!
  14. BeauH
    If there were a source for Ru58841 (99% purity min) where you could buy 5 grams for only $35.00, how many people would be interested?
  15. Hamy25
    I think it’s the same with most companies they have a problem with consistency whoever you order from.
  16. Wes Milam
    Wes Milam
    I’m 18.5 years old and I need help on if I’m experiencing MPD or just maturing hairline
  17. Lego
    Lego Noah
    Hello Noah!
    Could you please send me information on where I can find good quality hair pieces(toupee) in the United States of America? Thank you very much for your help!
    Also, I am a newbie, could you also tell me what things I should consider while buying one? Thanks!
  18. Strahinja Pandur
    Strahinja Pandur
    I have a hole in the middle in front, now i've had it for 4 years. I tryd pulling it, but i get 1 or none. I'm scared.
  19. jared garnith
    jared garnith strandman
    Hey, I've had side effects from anti androgens on the past but want to try it with dht cream could you may suggest where I could find some, it'd be great if you could help as this is my last option
  20. jared garnith
    jared garnith IdealForehead
    Hey how is desloratadine going for you if you don't mind me asking?