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  1. itsjustsimon
    I'm not balding, I'm getting taller than my hair
  2. tomJ
    tomJ Jonnyyy
    Hi jonnyyy, how are you? I'm writing to ask you if you are still in the game and if so, how is it going? Find a side effect free treatment yet? Hope 'll is well.
  3. Mark Hafner
  4. Arrade
    Arrade strandman
    Hope you're doin good brotha
  5. shreyansh verma
  6. kukhode
    Finasteride is a gift from God
  7. Murkey Thumb
  8. BMFR
    BMFR JeanLucBB
    You get my last message bro?
  9. whatevr
    "Everything means nothing, when you lose the things that matter." - Kataklysm - Blood In Heaven
  10. Prashant3035
    Prashant3035 ryan r
    I am 25 and I have diffuse thinning ..I am finestride from last 6 months and now I shed a few hairs a day ...but hairs are still very thin.... what should I do...I hope you have some advice.. specially regarding minoxidil.. weatheri should use to or not..if yes how ?
  11. theotherusero
    theotherusero CureOrDeath
    Hi could you add me to the discord group. My username is otheruser #0414
    Thank you!
  12. john looper
    john looper
    i’m 17 and i have a receding hairline on one side of my forehead do you think i have use rogaine at the age of 17?
  13. AnxiousAndy
    Probably destined to be bald before 25.
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  14. AnxiousAndy
    Temporarily leaving Will be back eventually.
  15. cubsnation_
    cubsnation_ hairhat12
    You’re a good man helping all these people out
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    2. hairhat12
      Thank you so much, you actually have know idea how much that meant at this moment in my life.
      May 7, 2018
  16. popkorn
    Finasteride timeline fucked
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    2. popkorn
      2nd semester start: Aug ‘17
      May 7, 2018
    3. popkorn
      3rd semester start: March ‘18
      May 7, 2018
    4. popkorn
      Hair as bad as ever: widows peak visible, temples receded, sex appeal down, no regrowth yet
      May 7, 2018
  17. rafael000
    rafael000 Kev123
    how was your experience so far
  18. Duduu
    Duduu Sladewilson
    Hi my friend.

    - You need to stop the early aging proccess that causes baldness wich is ejaculation

    - You need real healthy scalp wich mean joining "nopoo" and throw out all the garbage toxic presents and shampoos. Just wash with cold water.

    - And the BIGGEST Anti aging weapon: FASTING
    1. Sladewilson
      Haha it's funny you mentionned fasting, i'm a muslim and Ramadan is in less than 2 weeks, which means I'll fast for 1 month.

      As for the second point, I don't think you can have clean hair without using a bit of shampoo, espacially since I'm growing dreadlocks

      The first one is the MAIN factor i think, and thats what people refuse to believe
      Apr 30, 2018
  19. Razor of Damocles
    Razor of Damocles
    Satan's dandelion.
  20. musiclover1980
    On Finasteride 1mg for 3 months definitely helping considering minoxidil foam. Also Nizoral shampoos for scalp psoriasis and Clobetasol