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  1. Travis_Zheng
  2. Alexandergovea
    Alexandergovea proscar2
    HEY proscar,

    I was wondering if the group buy is still going?
    Thanks broda!
  3. PolishGuy
    PolishGuy Bensson
    Hi, I would like to ask You about Your hydraneedle and dutasteride experiment. Did You tried it, any success?
  4. lemoncloak
    Where must we go... We who wander this wasteland in search of our better selves
  5. Alphalete
    we're all gonna make it
  6. Noah
    Noah ACB
    Hi ACB - sorry to hear about your problems with London salons. I have some thoughts about Optima and a few other suggestions for you, but for some reason I can't send you a private message (maybe you joined too recently?) and I don't like to put comments about specific named providers on the forum. So if you're interested, would you drop me an email at
  7. Nostro100
    trying to know how to change regiment here
  8. Nostro100
    Waiting for my minoxidil batch and zinc / B6 p5p supply to make Zix.
  9. Krishteano
  10. Topher
  11. cartibih
    cartibih Exoclap
    Hey Exoclap,

    I recently just saw your story and couldn't help but realize that our stories are parallel. Im going through with the same thing and was wondering if we can discuss your solution to this. Hit me back when you see this.
  12. 17AndBalding
  13. 17AndBalding
  14. 17AndBalding
  15. R Man
    R Man
    DHT Itch and shedding driving me mad!
  16. H2n
    H2n Assemblage23
    Bjr, Je crois comprendre que tu es à Londres. Je suis un peu parano mais intéressé par fue en Turquie. Est ce que je peux t'offrir café où tu veux quand tu veux à Londres? J ai vu que tu posais les bonnes questions... Henri
    1. Assemblage23
      Salut Henri je vis dans le sud de la France je vais juste assez souvent à Londres.
      Pour la prochaine fois dans un mois au maximum.
      Tu as bien raison de vouloir rencontrer un greffé. C’est ce que j’ai fait, et tout le monde devrait le faire. Les photos c’est cool, mais il faut absolument voir les gens vrais pour se faire une idée réelle et honnête. Et prends ton temps. Tu es à Londres toute l’annee?
      Mar 18, 2018 at 7:56 AM
  17. Obesecat
    Obesecat Tabitha
    You banned
  18. Nghia nguyen
    Nghia nguyen
    Looking for seti pge2 Group buy
  19. NicholasJordan
    NicholasJordan Noah
    Hi Noah!

    Do you mind also messaging me too with any recommendations on where to get a quality hp? Preferably several so I can find one that could fit my budget?

    Do you recommend going to a consultant? I live in San Jose and was wondering if you had an idea how or where I might inquire about that. Thanks again!
  20. Japnicks India
    Japnicks India
    Finally when i was confident about myself, male pattern baldness started.
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    2. helpmyscalp
      Yeah that's a good point. It just sucks because everything else about me is "glowing up" at 18, but not having the hair I had just last year has really taken a hit on my confidence. What's your current regime? I'm thinking hopping on finasteride and putting it out of mind might be the best option for me at this age
      Mar 8, 2018
    3. Japnicks India
      Japnicks India
      Current regime is none to be honest, though i started .25Mg finasteride yesterday. No sides so far but scared of impotency, i love sex
      You should look for minoxidil 5% with 0.1% finasteride and nizoral to start with.

      Consult a reputed dermatologist because its very subjective. I’ve heard people easily taking finasteride with no sides for over 15-20 years whereas some throw up within few days/weeks.
      Mar 8, 2018
    4. helpmyscalp
      Yeah I went to two derms and both prescribed me finasteride. Scared of impotency too, 0.25mg seems like a good way to ease into it. Minoxidil doesn't seem too attractive to me, it looks like a lot of hassle
      Mar 8, 2018