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  1. Mike mi
  2. saikrishna Mallampeta
    saikrishna Mallampeta memzinla

    I have seen your recent post about your hair transplant and I am really happy about your progress. I have been trying to reach out to Dr.Nader but couldn't find his contact information. Can you please provide me his contact info.

  3. YoungNeurotic
    Just a poster. Greatest troll according to trigger-prone pussy men on the forum.
  4. Ein
    Became Androgen Insensitive to tackle Androgenic Alopecia.
  5. Ein
    Shedding from six months.
  6. hatty stephens
    hatty stephens
    i work n a lab developing methods for small vol blood tests. if you can draw your own blood, u can centrifuge at 2500-3200 RPM for 7-10 min
  7. HillTopLumber
  8. Stephen Hart
    Stephen Hart Noah
    Hey Noah, do you know of any good and reasonably priced places to buy good hair pieces from in London/UK area, I am a total virgin to all this and you seem to know what your talking about,
    Thanks Stephen
  9. Stephen Hart
    Stephen Hart ylang
    Hello Ylang, I am Stephen and I saw that you posted a comment saying that you had bought a similar hair piece like quiff and co do for £495, would you be able to send me that suppliers details
    with thanks
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  10. Blurr2710
    Blurr2710 md2002
    Hey md202,
    Can you please tell me your family history of hairloss please?
  11. Barryg26
    Norwood 3 just wondering do I have the right head shape for 1.5 buzz cut. I'm seriously considering it
  12. jxxq
    gonna continue with scalp massages, essential oils, onion and garlic juice, eating healthy and maybe even trying the nail rubbing technique
  13. jxxq
    just got a haircut and it’s thankfully making my hair look less thin, hopefully by the time it’s long again, i will have regrown new hair
  14. Starman421
    Patience is key. Shedding does not mean it’s not working. And everyone on here is a real frikkin downer. There’s waterfalls to see.
  15. Seeker988
    1. Raphael13
      Judging by the pictures I think your hairline looks okay, nothing to worry about...but keep an eye on it.
      Jan 8, 2018
  16. BMFR
    BMFR JeanLucBB
    Bro, I really want your advice on some stuff. Just read about your hair transplant with erdogan and was wondering if I could ask you a couple questions
  17. Wierse
  18. iqual
    receding hairline and thinning
  19. nypdz
  20. Saddaf
    Hello How Are You My Dear .....?????