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New Profile Posts

  1. Gergely
    we'll see what the f*** happens
  2. Dillianwhyte1
    Dillianwhyte1 Sam Payne
    Hi mate did you ever get a transplant off Harris haseeb?
  3. Gurpreet Sidhu
    Gurpreet Sidhu INT
    Hi...I came across your finasteride side posts and was curious how you were doing today. I’m suffering from sides about 1.5 years since being off of finasteride and wanted to see how you were doing! Thanks
  4. Grim
  5. parrotfish
    parrotfish xotourlife
    interested in my trinov?
  6. Ikarus
    Ikarus Ephemeral-Kitten
    Miss Kíttén
  7. petersonKj
    petersonKj TGTS23
    People like you should be pisssed in the face
  8. John Difool
    John Difool
    Get hair or die trying
  9. omega
  10. Noah
    Noah H201986
    Hi man, thanks for the message on my profile page. I left you a personal message in reply.
  11. H201986
    H201986 Noah
    Hi Noah..... hope you are well during this time...for my first fitting, I’m opting for longer hair style, for the however, is a lower skin fade ideal over a taper? During the lockdown my bio hair has grown considerably.... and want to take advantage of for a good blend.
  12. John Difool
    John Difool
    F*cking balding
  13. TDE97
    Possible DUPA sufferer? I don't even know anymore.
  14. Ziggyz123
    Ziggyz123 Obsessive
    Hey man, where are you located? I have another bag of minoxidil sulfate powder from the private forum.
  15. turtlefrog
    turtlefrog soundnvision
    hey, can i have a source for oral minoxidil? i use alldaychemist but I think its fake. i live in the US btw.
  16. edddys08
    edddys08 Timpson12
    Are you still on topical finasteride? And did you get result vs sides? I use to have PFS under oral finasteride and do not want to mess up again
  17. Grasshüpfer
    finasteride 0,5mg, 40mg Ru, minoxidil allergic reaction
  18. vr_the_doctor
    vr_the_doctor shadowcast
    Hi shadowcast,

    I saw your post on your duta usage for hairloss.
    By the way could you tell me how you get your prescription for duta, as it is not approved for hairloss in the US right? how do you buy them? and what about prescription? would be great if you could share some details
  19. musiclover1980
    On finasteride and Nizoral works for 2 years would like to add MInoxidil to my temples and hairline would it help seeing follicles still
  20. musiclover1980
    Was wondering should I use Rogaine Foam with finasteride and Nizoral also on my hairline temples to improve it?