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  1. cottonReville
  2. tomJ
    tomJ Photon
    Hey man what is your regemin?
    1. Photon
      - Minoxdil once a day
      - finasteride once a day
      - Nizoral twice a week
      - Needle .5mm almost daily, 1.5mm - 2.0mm once every two weeks
      - Red light when I can
      - Massage daily with a small scalp massager
      Jan 18, 2020 at 10:25 AM
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  3. Balding Boulder
  4. LucasPedro
    ¿Alguien conoce alguna mascarilla casera para el pelo seco? Creo que el ultimo tratamiento de pelixir me esta resecando el cabello
  5. LucasPedro
    Hace tiempo que trato de cuidar mi pelo con los mejores tratamientos del cabello para así poder evitar la caida.
  6. Sijac09
    Sijac09 Stevebfds
    Hi mate, did you book in with Demirsoy in the end? I’m 3 days post transplant with him
  7. Bethany Campbell
    Bethany Campbell
    Dude I’m freaking scared any doctors or professionals on here does this look like Telogen Effluvium?
  8. Alphabone
  9. Richards1988
    Recent fue transplant
  10. Will003
    Will003 oomska
    Hi Oomska, I’ve been down the CB-03-01 rabbit hole and ending up finding your post on Bryan’s profile. Did you ever find out about the group buy? I’m looking for any information I can find.
  11. celso217
    celso217 Arrade
    Hey Arrade
    I know you used to run the alternate Brotzu site, I bought some homemade brotzu through the site and and had good results. I noticed that both websites have been taken down and I'm about to run out of the last of my brotzu. Do you have any information about Orlando and if he is still running the homemade brotzu operation? Is there a reason you guys took the sites down?
  12. TendingSun
    Delete my account
  13. avocado67
    avocado67 alexheally
    I went to Dr. Ilker Apaydin (cost was 3600 Euros). I looked at cheaper doctors (Cinik, Marhal), but they get their technicians to do all the work. I wanted a doctor to do most of the work.
  14. avocado67
    avocado67 Logik
    Please have a read of my response to the thread you started. Thanks.
  15. fuzz916
    fuzz916 Scoobysnack
    Hey Scooby,

    How are things coming along from your FUT with Wasserbauer? I have an apt for FUE in May with her. For about 2200-2500 grafts. I am located in Roseville.
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    2. Scoobysnack
      Hey Fuzz, my FUT was 10/17 for roughly 3200 grafts... I was NW3. Tomorrow will be 2 months and people say you look worse before you start looking better. I expect the new hair to start coming in around Feb and then by 6 months it should start looking better than before. I'll be able to judge the results in a couple months!
      Dec 16, 2019
  16. Wild_Goujon
  17. Hair-pun
    Hair-pun el_duterino
    Hi El Duterino,
    I've been following your posts and I'm feeling that you're probably the resident expert in the field of CB!
    Im in a bit of a pickle hair-loss wise, as a result I am now 'going nuclear' (topical spironolactone/cb/ oral min/10% min foam, dutasteride). Just wondering if you feel that Wuhan is a decent source for CB? I have just received 4g but it didn't come with testing results. I'm using 0.25 mg per day.
  18. Drakedillinger
    Hey am i balding. Im 19
  19. Conor83
    Conor83 74775446
    Hey man, I just recently started my hair recovery journey, could you send pics of your results, might give me some hope haha!
  20. Rahul Mehta
    Rahul Mehta Noah
    Hey! Saw some of your posts on the forum. Would you be kind enough to PM details of hair systems providers (system + attach + style) in NYC or Detroit?