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"Just beginning this journey. I have witnessed my hair thinning in the front for about a year and a half. Took Biotin and used Nioxin shampoo. No recovery. Then went to endocrinologi..."
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mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
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Location: Canada
Age: 30
Last Login: October 12, 2010
Current Goal:
Type of Hair Loss: Thinning Hair
Current Treatments: Propecia/Finasteride
moxsom's Hair Loss Story
So I'm a 25 year old male suffering from diffuse thinning in the MPB pattern. The picture posted is a couple years old.

The thinning started at the crown when I was about 18 or 19, and I didn't seek treatment until I was about 22. I started propecia at 22, and my hair has gotten progressively worse since then, which is a real bummer. I figure I have super sensitive androgen receptors since I also suffered from severe acne as a teen.

I'm in grad school studying Biochemistry, so this shit fascinates me greatly. I've spent countless hours researching the subject, so much so It has affected my grades. I honestly love to talk about hair biology, and this is a great venue to do so. I'm even considering applying to Med School to become a Derm.

I one day hope ...
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