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Posted: August 15, 2011 - 2 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 174 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

 Hi Everyone,


I was in Chennai,India for a while when I started experiecing hair loss problems.I could not for the life of me diagnose and narrow down the problem but After a while I got the answer.I was having hair loss due to the water over there.Its very salty and its Hard water.I resorted to some hair combat techniques like 1. Eating Vitamin Supplements and Iron Tabllets 2. Using Bottled Drinking water to wash my hair 3.Applying oil overnight and shampooing it in the morning 4.Eating a more balanced and wholesome diet.These steps started helping my hair and I started regrowing hair in those areas where I had lost my hair.This worked wonders for 7-8 months but after a while I started suffering from the hair loss problem again,begin with little shedding and then the hair loss increaesed a lot over the coming months.I becamw desperate and devoid of hope to save my hair.Around this time I heard about this magic drug called Rogaine(Chemical Name : Minoxidil) and I resorted to the same without thinking about the long term imapct it might have on my hair.In my desperation I resorted,I gave in to something I did'nt fully understand.I have been applying the Min Top(10% solution)same for aobut 4 months now.after using it for 4 months my hair loss got visibly reduced.No doubt about that. I am not sure about the regrowth thing.It grew some peach fuzz hair.But this solution used to make my scalp itchy.After reading some really bad reviews about Minoxidil I stopped using the same.I have recently changed my location in Bangalore(Forgot to tell you I got a transfer from Chennai to Bangalore).The reviews were as follows - 

1. Minoxodil makes your hair dependant(its a scalp poison).The minute you stop using it you experience greater hair loss than before.

2. Not only does the newly regrown hair fall out it also leads to the surrounding hair follicles around the newly regrown hair to fall out.

3.Minoxidil doesn't help you if you have frontal hair loss problems.It only helps if you are crowning.


Needless to say I have started shedding my hair more rapidly after I stopped using Minoxodil.

Are all these comments true ? 

One more thing.How is the water quality in Sahakar Nagar,Bangalore? Is the water here polluted enough such that its detrimental for the hair ? Am not sure whether my hair loss is due to the water change or due to the Minoxidil depedant hair and the surrounding hair falling out? 

Anybody having answers can mail me at my yahoo id that is


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