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Men's Hair Loss Network
Men's Hair Loss Network
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alopecia totalis universalis network
alopecia totalis universalis network
alopecia totalis universalis network
alopecia totalis universalis network
alopecia totalis universalis network
alopecia totalis universalis network
alopecia totalis universalis network
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Location: IA, United States
Age: 28
Last Login: October 18, 2010
Current Goal:
Maintaining & Regrowing
Type of Hair Loss: Total Hair Loss (Alopecia Totalis / Universalis)
Current Treatments: Not Currently Using Treatments
kck's Hair Loss Story
I was classified as having Alopecia Areata at age 4. Looking back at pictures I can see little bald spots here or there but I was never fully aware of my hair loss until I was 12. I started losing bigger patches at my hair line and pretty soon I just couldn't cover them up. I am also terrible with fixing hair so this did not help my situation! My "friends" cawed at me and called me a bald eagle-even though I still had over 80% of my hair- thankfully I dropped them like a sack of potatoes come high school. I remember thinking, if I could get a full head of hair when I leave middle school, everything will be fine...If I could get a full head of hair before homecoming, before prom, before graduation. Before I knew it, I was knee deep in hair fashion and stressed beyond my capac...
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Other Treatments
  • Not Currently Using Treatments
  • Currently trying to stay calm and stress free.
    With Alopecia Areata:
    Medical-Steroid Injections and topical cream Psoriatec
    Cosmetic-Nioxin Products
    With Alopecia Totalis:
    Medical-Removal of all previous treatments and rx
    Numerous Blood Tests
    Going through no treatments with Alopecia Totalis
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