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"Hi, I started losing hair at the age of 22 and when i reached 25 or 26 my hair loss got more and more. I am 32 and 2 years ago I had my hair transplant at the Hospital Group in Birmingh..."
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Men's Hair Loss Network
Men's Hair Loss Network
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mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
mens hair loss network
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Location: NJ, United States
Age: 26
Last Login: July 10, 2009
Current Goal:
Maintaining & Regrowing
Type of Hair Loss: Thinning Hair, Receding Hairline or Temples
Current Treatments: Not Currently Using Treatments
dunkershluu's Hair Loss Story
I'm 19 and have always been a very happy self confident young man. Was the best athlete in my school and have gotten any girl I have ever wanted. I used to get constant remarks from everyone on how lucky I was to be athletic and very good looking and have always felt great about myself because of it. Just recently I buzzed my head and noticed that I have quite the receding hairline. It was a straight kick in the balls to my confidence and now I'm left being feeling depressed with absolutely no self confidence. I recently stopped hanging out with life long friends due to the fact they think it is hilarious my hair is falling out and always feel the need to tell me about it. I have to fix this because it is driving me insane and I do not know why this is happening to me at such a y...
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Created: 6 year(s) ago
Views: 502 views
how bad is this for a just turned 20 year old
Created: 6 year(s) ago
Views: 185 views
current hair loss... no treatments currently being used
Created: 6 year(s) ago
Views: 156 views
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