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"I started going bald at 19 when at university. It destroyed me. It seems like all people can see of my personality is my balding head. Abuse is shouted in the street. It is an afflictio..."
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Men's Hair Loss Network
Men's Hair Loss Network
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Posted: April 28, 2011 - 4 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

 Hello there!! I just graduated from my university with a Bachelor of Science degree and am proud of it despite of having hairloss right now. I am wearing a wig whenever I go outside. It was a painful experience for me having no hair at all and the fact that I'm a girl makes it more difficult. But then I got a lot of friends and family who supports me and sometimes they would made fum of my hair and wig but I'd just laught with them. And it's a good thing that I can laugh about it because it's a part of acceptance. Accepting the fact that I had this rare disease and I'm not alone in facing these circumstances I am experiencing right now. Hopefully, I would regrow my hair back even if I have alopecia universalis because none in my family had this. There's no genetic factor link to my disease. It was brought about by stress as told by my physician. But before, I thought of killing myself because of my condition and appearance, but NO! I started thinking on the positive side of this. I don't haveany unwanted hairs that I usually remove/ shave before. Cosmetics help a lot in my appearance. The wig also helps and I could choose any hairstyle I want (though I prefer my real hair) but it's a matter of PATIENCE. Patience on my treatment for my hair to grow back. I need to be POSITIVE all the time because nothing will happen if I started sulking and be miserable about it. I wouln't want to regret any events in my life that I didn't do this or that by being miserable and pessimistic because of alopecia universalis. You can still do the normal things you do but be careful because your wig may come off..haha  and that would be dreadful LOL just joking. alt

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