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Posted: February 7, 2012 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

Hi All,

Firstly, thanks for reading this. I hope some of you guys can point me in the right direction and I can get over this nightmare.
All in all, I've never been happy with my hair. When I was younger (16-17+) it was thick and clumpy. I've always been image concious, and worked in fashion. Along with this came the need to always look at my best. I used to flat iron and blow dry my hair, as well as using an assortment of hair gels, waxes etc...
Not to forget - when I was younger I was very heavy (18-19 stone). I lost the weight over a short period - not the best way - not eating - crash dieting - starvation etc...
Anyway, I've probably seen my hair thinning through the past 4-5 years (always complained a little - but nothing major), but now, I've really started to notice it.
Back in 2009, it was fine. Looking at pictures, it looks healthy, I could wear it long, and had no worries. I was fit, healthy and happy.
Throughout 2010 - again, nothing major. Looking at pictures, my hair looked consistent through the year, no major loss, or any substantial worries.
2011!!! I had a back operation in the early part of the year. Looking at images straight after, my hair was a lot thicker than what it is now. After the operation, I was on a large dosage of pain killers, my diet was extremely poor, and it was an all round bad time. I lost weight. 14lbs or so. 
I noticed some thinning during early/mid 2011, you could see a substantial difference to 6 months prior. This did not worry me - I was too worried thinking about my back!!! Then after a clean bill of health, I was able to go back to the gym, train, and generaly feel good.
I then went on holiday and was adamant that my hair was thickening once again.
However, I suffered a relapse in late October. My life has come to a stand still. I have been unable to work due to a lack of mobility. I have tried to keep my diet well, and have not suffered an form of malnutrition.
I went to my doctor who has said that it is male pattern baldness. He has reluctantly prescribed my Propecia. We spoke about my hair initially in 2010, however he said that I had nothing to worry about back then!
When I went to the pharmacist he has said that I have got diffused thinning and it does not look like a basic case of MPB. He has said that it is possible to be Telegeon Effluvium?!
I have no idea what to think?!
I have been on and off using Nioxin, Kerestase, and other 'brand names' for years now. I have never really taken it too seriosuly as my hair sometimes would feel thin, but on other ocassions feel brilliant.
Can anyone help?
You can see the top of my scalp from my picture?!
My main concerns are that my hair seems to have drastically thinned in the past 3 months. So much so, that my friends and fiance have commented. 
I have been warned off propecia and regaine as I've been told that I may not need them?!
I have also been told that I may not be a good candidate for a transplant due to my age (25) and my diffused thinning?!
My hair even feels different. Very fine, and as if there's nothing there?!
Some of my hairs that are falling out have white bulbs on the end?!
Thanks for reading guys.
I look forward to your comments 

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