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"I am a 32 yr old breast cancer survivor. I had to have my ovaries removed and my hair started falling out soon after. It's been getting thinner with more shed for the past 2 years...."
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Men's Hair Loss Network
Men's Hair Loss Network
Men's Hair Loss Network
Men's Hair Loss Network

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Men's Hair Loss Network
Men's Hair Loss Network
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Women's Hair Loss Network
Women's Hair Loss Network
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Just because 1." You are not in physical pain", 2."It isn't life threatening", 3." Wear a wig, false eylashes, pencil in your eyebrows" -

Oh okay, now I'm all better right? Wrong, it is a most cruel disease and not recognized as a disability or as debilitating.

But on the other hand there have been suicides, reclusiveness and thousands of dollars spent on "Experimental" drugs - God knows what effects positive or adverse these have on a person.

All in all I can say the most hurtful is a child or teenager having to deal with this. It doesn't get easier as you age, you just learn to deal with it 1 day at a time kinda like addictions only with very little compassion from society.

Confronted with the advertisments - the social acceptance of handsome or beautiful predicated on a full head of hair "the crowning glory" a person with this disease is bound to feel left out.

Well don't because the bravery and fortitude it takes to have relationships, hold down a job and live each day makes us all heroes in a way that general society can never understand.

Don't ever give in to the depression that accompanies this disease. Fight Fight Fight with all of your might. You are strong, and someday maybe . . .  

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