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    Weightlifting = Hairloss? I'm kinda confused now.....

    Some people theorize this increases hormones which might lead to increase in dihydro and further hair loss....This makes some sense, in a logical way. But how much water does this really hold?......I lift, a lot, and now am a little paranoid. I started lifting heavy bout a year ago and now my hair hasn't exactly improved, it's actually gotten a little worse and now I can see where I will be heading with this......any thoughts from you guys?

    I personally think that people genetically disposed to hair loss, who raise their hormonal levels through intense phy activity, will help to speed up hair loss...sorry for this thought guys.

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    do i sense that someone is casting the bait...

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    That is a more complicated hypothesis than it may seem at surface level.

    Even though testosterone levels may be increased from weightlifting, the rate at which testosterone is converted into DHT by your body does not necessarily increase correspondingly. These two mechanisms are not affected in parallel. Test creation is a function, I believe, of your pituitary whereas DHT conversion is a function of certain enzymes.

    So, there may be people out there who don't weightlift, and may have miniscule testosterone in the blood but have outrageously high DHT levels because their bodies have naturally high test to DHT conversion rates.
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    that's bull****.

    keep lifting.. when you're 40+ and you're not overweight and/or struggling to bench 95 lbs... you'll be happy you did.

    oh and by the way stopthemadness since you lift a lot can you give me some tips? im trying to increase my bench all 3 types but mainly incline and flat, triceps, shoulders, and back.

    i work out twice a week. i've gone up a bit but only by reps not in weight. my friend told me to try pyramids and that upped my reps by 2-3 times. i rep 135 flat, decline and 120 on incline. i wanna try to bring my bench up to at least rep 155 pretty easily by the end of this schoolyear. i work on my triceps by doing dips and tricep extensions 3 sets of 12 reps. and lat pulldown but i can only do 100 lbs. i heard somewhere that a key role for upping the bench is your back and of course triceps. i just want to broaden my shoulders instead of having them slope down.

    and most importantly i want to define my pecs. can you provide me with some tips?? i'm 16(17 in 2 months) weigh around 138 give or take depending on whether i exercise or not and on what i eat and im 5' 9''.

    thanks... and seriously don't worry about lifting... whoever told you that is just jealous cuz they're fat lazy bastards with a full thick head of hair!

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    It's better if you do weightlift or work out because it keeps your body healthy and will help other non body parts like your hair.

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    i dont care if its bad for your gonna do it anyways
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    Quote Originally Posted by blue
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    Die Hard...........that is the movie!!!!!!!
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