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    Finasteride -- Better to take in morning or evening?

    Does it really matter?


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    Just pick a time when you'll remember to take it.

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    BREAKING NEWS! research found concludes that fin absolutly must be taken at 4:33am exactly or it will not work. my source for this information is
    2% Nizoral 3 times a week
    1/5 proscar(1mg finasteride) daily

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    Some people have speculated that taking Finasteride at night is better because it seems that there have been studies that DHT levels are raised during sleep.

    I don't buy that, however. Take it whenever you'll remember to and you'll be fine.
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    But at the same time, if finasteride inhibits roughly 70% of DHT, and DHT levels are higher at night, then 70% of your night levels of DHT are still higher than 70% of your daytime DHT levels anyway, so it really doesn't matter. At the same time, taking constant regular doses of finasteride keeps your DHT levels at a constant low anyway, so just pick a time and try to stick close to it.
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    I was told to take it in the morning on an empty stomach when I asked this a few months back. They say take it in the morning on an empty stomach because the absorption into the system will be better. Hey Gonna Win how about you look at this thread ... hp?t=11637

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