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    Is the dermarolling bandwagon OVER???

    So, what do we have.

    People have been dermarolling for years - never seen or heard of any great results.

    New study comes out. It reports MIRACULOUS results from dermarolling. Turns out there may have been self-interested behavior behind the study (one of researchers may have owned a dermarolling clinic). And since the study, hundreds of people have been dermarolling hard for months, and no one has had results even close to the study. I have yet to see ANY pictures with real results even REMOTELY close to those from the study.

    People in the threads are now asking "what are we doing wrong? what can we do differently?"

    I feel that this is just another passing fad where a few excitable people go out, claim they are having results, others try and it doesn't pan out, and it is to be resigned to the balding dustbin.

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    Senior Member hellouser's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Follicle Death Row
    - Setipiprant 50mg in 1ml - 1X daily
    - Scalp wounding with 1.5mm 190 needle dermaroller - 1x Week
    - 10mg LiCl post wounding, once a week
    - Nizoral 3x weekly
    - RU58841 75mg in 1ml - 1X daily
    - CB-
    Was it really necessary to create a whole thread about this?

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    Necessary in the sense that it is needed to survive in this cruel world? No. Necessary to tee up some discussion on where dermarolling is really heading? Absolutely.

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    Jul 2013
    The bandwagon is still here dude !
    But we are waiting for some results, it's too early now

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    Member jasperhobbs's Avatar
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    Nov 2013
    1.25 finasteride since 2005
    5% minox foam in the morning and liquid at night.
    N2 shampoo- alternate with Renepure NT and DR shampoo
    Derma rolling/stamping since 12/15/2013
    52 year old male
    I think it is a good topic with valid points. The jury is still out whether derma rolling actually works.


    Quote Originally Posted by hellouser View Post
    Was it really necessary to create a whole thread about this?
    1.25 finasteride since 2005
    5% minox foam in the morning and liquid at night since 12/15/2013
    Alternate N2 shampoo with Renepure NT and DR shampoo.
    Derma rolling/stamping since 12/15/2013
    52 year old male

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    you need to apply minox with DR'ing...that's what the study did....listen, DR"ing alone won't get it done....too many dipwads on here are coming up with their own theories, schedules, blah blah blah...just DR 1x week and minox every day

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    Aug 2013
    United States
    nizoral once a week
    fin 1.25mg
    minox 5%
    semen daily but not the week during wounding
    What seems to amaze me is that the thread is so long and yet newcomers didn't even read the main study where the protocol is being used. If you do then you would see why.

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    Oct 2011
    1,25 finasteride (Actavis)
    Minoxidi 5% (Rogaine)
    I agree. It is funny that NO ONE had anything near the same results as in the study. It smells a bit.

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    Sep 2013
    The theoretical basis for Dermarolling is just too strong to ignore. Firstly we know for a fact that rolling breakdown fibrosis, hence it's use for scars. We know for a fact that balding scalps accumulate fibrosis around the follicles and this restricts movements of cells around the follicle. The evidence is then pretty strong that fibrosis is an actual physical block on hair growing. This has been the excepted view for a long time, nothing controversial about it, but fibrosis has always been ignored really because we thought once it settles in it's game over. But now we have dermarolling. Whether that study was fake or not is almost irrelevant. That's not all, for the first time we have an actual mechanical intervention to play with, no solution, purity or delivery problems. The only modalities we have to worry about are time, intensity and depth. The follicle can be up to 4mm deep so it's possible that's how deep we would need to roll to see maximum results. That's why squeegee was rolling with a 3mm. He was the most important self appointed dermarolling guinea pig we had and it's crazy he got banned. All that and we haven't even started talking about growth factors.

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    I agree with bboy completely. There are really solid arguments for derma roller's ability to create new follicles. Read Cotsarelis' articles on wounding. His life literally revolves around wounding. In our derma rolling experiments, we try to recreate their laboratory experiments in a really simple way.

    What has lowered down our expectations recently is the fact that despite the initial gains, derma rolling is not THE CURE. People cannot be sure whether their gains will continue. Also, some people (who mostly are also on other treatments that can interfere) haven't had noticeable gains.

    However, it may as well be a crucial part of the cure. Cotsarelis has also identified why it alone is not enough to cause a big impact in such short term: we are not mice; we do not have the growth-factor (Fgf9) producing T cells in our skin. The growth factor is essential for the Wnt pathway signaling process and I assume that he is currently figuring out a way to integrate exogenous growth factors to his wounding method without compromising overall health.

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