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Thread: Bryan Shelton

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    Bryan Shelton

    Hello everyone. It is with profound regret that I inform you that Bryan Shelton passed away this last Monday morning at the age of 63, due to the cumulative effects of mini strokes and perhaps a full stroke at the last. Family and friends first began to notice his occasional mild confusion beginning in August 2012, which worsened frighteningly quickly in the following months, but we were unable to convince him to see a doctor until July 2013. By that time, little could be done.

    I know Bryan loved posting on hair loss forums, so whenever he stopped, it's surely because he was no longer able to. (Difficulty using computers was one of the earliest warning signs.) I found this forum by searching Google for his name, and I thought you folks should know what became of him.

    With deepest condolences and best wishes to all who cared about Bryan,

    Blake Linton Wilfong
    Friend of Bryan Shelton for 34 years
    Houston, Texas

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    RIP my friend
    too young to die
    Condolences to family and friends

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    It's a shame that someone who dedicated a lot of time helping others with hair loss passed away before any actual cure was released.


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    RIP and condolences to the family and friends. Bryan and I had crazy times in these forums!

    Is there an obituary and funeral home mention online- maybe where one can express condolences on?

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    My condolences .

    I remember posting "Where is Bryan?" on recently while battling with people writing nonsense. This guy was really helpful to those forums.

    RIP Bryan.
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    this is mandatory now?
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    very sad news

    I know he caused some controversy on here but he was a very knowledgebale guy, and was a voice of reason amongst all the stupidity

    RIP Bryan

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    Dear Blake, my condolences to you and everyone else around here. I haven't posted for years but I couldn't let this one go. It was a pleasure to have Bryan in this and other hairloss forums. You could easily tell that besides his intelligence and wisdow Bryan was a very good man. Que descanse en paz.

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    My condolences to Bryan's family. Bryan provided valuable guidance to me when I first started treating my hair loss. I also haven't posted in years, but I just want to say that Bryan was a knowledgable man who helped people. I wish we had more people like Bryan on this forum and the internet in general. I am grateful for his help and sad that he is gone.

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    Yeah thats a shame. He was one of the big brains on here that always straightened everyone out when they did not say things technically right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
    Is there an obituary and funeral home mention online- maybe where one can express condolences on?
    There's no funeral home since Bryan's relatives donated his body to medicine (which I agree is what he'd have wanted). And I doubt there will be an obituary; Bryan left no wife or children, and his sister personally notified friends and relatives of his passing. I can tell you that he had no college degree, but loved meticulous research combined with healthy scientific skepticism. His last job was as a field service technician for Tektronix, repairing the high-end printers they used to manufacture. We met at a computer club in 1979, at the dawn of the personal computer age. Later, he and I played Doom from 1994 until he could no longer use his computer; if you Google our names together you'll find a couple of references to our cooperative testing of player-made Doom maps.

    As for expressing your condolences, you're doing it right here. I will provide links to the threads I started here and elsewhere to his family and friends in a day or two when the activity on them subsides. My thanks for the kind words you all have posted. They are a moving tribute to my friend.

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