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    Scientists Find Vitamin D Could Cure Baldness

    I do not know if anyone had researched on the subject.


    The more interesting. I recently did a blood test to identify vitamin and Vitamin D coincidentally appeared as insufficient. 21.7ng/ml while sufficient levels are between 30.0 ng / ml and 100.0 nl / ml. 1 week ago I'm taking 20.000UI of vitamin D per week to climb my blood level and after a few weeks I will do another blood test.

    I have never done a survey of vitamin D, and maybe I'm already there years with this failure. The funny thing is that I take the multivitamin GNC Ultra Mega Man ​​and it says it has 400% vitamin D. Do some people have difficulty metabolizing this vitamin, even doing the intake the same?

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    It's a different pathway, it doesn't matter if you're vitamin d3 deficient or not regarding hair loss, you would need to use a specific analog and it would have to reach the follicle topically, not internally like using supplements for example.

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    propecia, minoxidil
    I did a blood test 1 year ago and in the result they said lower than 3ml ..... lol
    but I did a search in google and i found that Vitamin d can raise testosterone.....
    so maybe it can harm the hair .......
    regimen: propecia, minoxidil 5%
    sorry for bad english

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