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    Finasteride and the storage temperature


    I've already made a thread about this, but I didn't get too much help last time. Hopefully this time there are more people to give me some valuable advice.

    In September, I will be moving to Australia for a year. I will be taking 3 months worth of Propecia with me. I will be moving around a bit, so I don't really know when or how I will be able to get more Propecia over there. However, this is not my main concern. What I am really worried about is the temperature. The area where I am going to is HOT. Each month of the year the daily average maximum is around 30-38C (86-100F). The storage temperature for Propecia, on the other hand, is just 15-30C. So, I am very worried, how is this temperature going to affect finasteride's effectiveness, and is there anything I can do about it? I'm so worried, because I don't want to lose it all, but I don't want to stop living my life because of it either. Bleh.. Anyone?


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    hi! I live in Australia and yes, it can get very hot down here. I keep my propecia in the cabinet which doesn't receive direction sunlight...
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