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    Does Fish Oil cause Hair Shedding?

    Hi guys

    Just wondering has anyone experienced increased shedding while taking fish oil ?

    The last couple of months i noticed i had an increase in shedding , and the only thing I was doing differently was taking fish oil.
    I stopped taking it for 2 weeks and my shedding seemed to decrease . I started taking the fish oil because of some knee pain i was having and it did
    a good job at relieving the pain , i was also having some occasional back pain due to my bed which i need to get replaced , the fish oil also seemed to relieve that pain too.

    I've looked on various sites and forums and as always there's mixed opinions some say they've found an increase in shedding and others say they haven't

    I have noticed my libido and sex drive are a little higher while taking it , but i would say it feels like it's at a normal level or maybe a bit higher than usual.

    I know there's different strength fish oils but i just bought one that a friend recommended , i would like to keep taking the fish oil for its health benefits
    should i maybe try a lower strength one ?

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    andrew lincoln
    This is random but when you take fish oil, do you ever get that fish taste in your mouth if you burp? I had to stop taking it for that reason it was just grossing me out, lol!

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    I really don't think fish oil affects shedding. Even if it does, definitely nothing close to Fin sheds. I used to take Fish Oil for health purposes long before starting Fin and first signs of balding.

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    I read tons of it a high dosage amount will.

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    Hi, read this page lots of testimonials fish oil causes hair loss

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    yes I have heard of it but not sure if that's true..I used to take fishoil capsules daily but got scared and stopped taking them...
    The Big Three (since Feb, 2012)

    -Finasteride daily - 1mg (from Feb/2012 to 01/Sep/2013) 0.5mg (from 02/Sep/2013 - 02/Oct/2013). Proscar 2.5mg (for two weeks). Proscar/Propecia 1.5mg (Oct/2013 - present)
    -Minoxidil (rogaine foam) - twice a day (from Feb/2012 to Nov/2012) once a day (from Nov/2012 - 01/Sep/2013) twice a day (02/Sep/2013 - present)
    -Nizoral 1% - once every 2 to 3 days (stopped using it for a while between March/2013 to August/2013)

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    There is no way I can see how fish oil can do any harm to your hair, if anything, it should do some real good, especially in the western diet that is insanely lopsided in omega6 intake. I take slightly more than 3000 mg omega 3 a day, that is equivalent to more than 10 fish oil pills (regular ones you will find at walmart/target), i have notice nothing but good things, less scalp inflammation, increased libido, less acnee, etc.

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    It is almost exclusively women posting on the site linked above, and I would have to agree with Rambo. With so many finite factors known to cause hair loss; androgens, DHT, poor circulation, etc. I find it very very far fetched that one of the most if not the most recommended supplement known to man is having any adverse health effects let alone causing people to loose hair. The posts also favored flax oil as apposed to omegas. If you start losing hair from Omega 3's, chances are you would have started anyway your timing just lined up.

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    There seems to be negative propaganda against fish oil supplements in the US medias. Now they say the newest study shows fish oil can cause prostate cancer in men so it's not recomended for men over 50s to take it. There was also study they mentioned on tv and all over the internet that the fish oil supplements may cause heat problems as they contain processed fish oil. I looked at both studies and they are complete non sense. The one about fish oil causing prostate cancer is basically inconclusive.
    Fish oil is totally beneficial also when it comes to the hairloss.

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    They see me rolling, they hating...
    Fish oil is good. no shedding. Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory. Stop drinking the kool-aid just buy a good brand with high epa dha and put it in the fridge.

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