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Thread: Daniel Tosh

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    Daniel Tosh

    How did he save his hair? Already searched it and surprised it hasn't been discussed before. Look at his early episodes and he was definitely balding and now his hair looks thick as ever. Just interested in what he did.


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    The guy has more money than he knows what to do with. Paying for a hair transplant is nothing for him, other than a little pocket change.

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    Same way as Beckham did.

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    Wait they both had hair transplants? My dad is a doctor and was bald since his mid twenties and underwent the procedure when he was around 40. He was completely bald and so didn't have much donor area but his doesn't look that great. Ya for a 50 year old guy now what he has works but I can tell it was a hair transplant and see where they removed the hair. Is the procedure that much better now where they don't take much donor or was it just that they had enough hair to work with before that it looks that good?

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    Back a long time ago when hair transplants were first being done one of the procedures was called scalp flap surgery. What they did is remove a piece of scalp from the side of the head, and move the hair to where the hairline would be. It was used only for receeding hairlines. The problem with it was it made the scalp look very red, and it gave you hair a very unnatural look since the hair on the side of your head grows in a different direction than the top, front, or back. Most of those people have to do funny combovers to hold things together just like Donald Trump. If you see anyone like donald trump who has to do a tripple combover, then its pretty clear they had scalp flap surgery. Today they do whats called follicular unit micrografts which makes hair transplants almost undetectable and gives the hair a much better natural look. Hair transplant surgeons have been using this technique since the 1990's

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