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    How much hair do you lose per day?

    For those of you that are on Fin or Minox (or both) ?

    Is it normal to lose like 100-120 hair per day?

    I've been on Rogaine Foam (and Keto) for almost two months now, and every other day when I take a shower I can get around 70-80 hairs in my hand. When I apply the Minox (Rogaine Foam) I get 10-15 hairs in my hand.

    Is this normal, or am I experiencing a shed? What do you guys think?

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    Finax 1g everyday
    Multivitamin for hair.
    Rogaine 5% twice a day
    Minoxidil 15% frontal area only at night.
    Alpecin shampoo every 3-4 days.
    I picked an astonishing 50+ hairs out my hair brush today from 5 strokes. And to be honest I could do with those back on my head as there isnt 50 to lose! And now my hair looks ****e! Very depressing. (Fin + min + keto)

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    I have lost 120-150 hairs for many months (15 since I'm on Fin). Only now have I stopped shedding and gone down to about 50 in the shower. I have not lost much density.

    I'm convinced that the usual 100-hair a day rule does not apply when you are on meds. I have also found a nice explanation of why we shed. Take it as a good sign because you know that the miniaturized hair needs to go through a couple of cycles before it gets strong and thick again:

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    "In that study, initiation of finasteride treatment was shown to increase the number of anagen-phase hairs and to increase the anagen to telogen ratio, consistent with normalization of the growth cycles of previously miniaturized hairs due to the release of hair follicles from the inhibitory effects of DHT [26]. Consistent with these results, finasteride treatment was also shown to increase the growth rate and/or thickness of hairs, based on analysis of serial hair weight measurements [27]. Because these beneficial changes in the hair growth cycle are dependent on when therapy with finasteride is initiated and occur rapidly, the affected hairs are driven to cycle in a synchronous manner. If these hairs have somewhat similar anagen phase durations, they would enter telogen phase as the anagen (and catagen) phase ended, followed by subsequent shedding, in a partially synchronized fashion. This would be expected to produce a gradual decline from peak hair count after a period of time equal to the average anagen phase duration. Eventually, as subsequent growth cycles recurred, these hairs would be expected to become increasingly independent, thereby losing their synchronous character as their growth cycles further normalized over time, leading to a sustained increase in hair count at a plateau above baseline, as suggested by the 5-year data presented here."
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    Dude you need to read a bit on this forum, in the FAQs and all.
    NONE of the hairs you lose are lost forever unless you are really really advanced in your balding. They go to sleep and will return in about 3 months or more. That's their normal growth cycle. If you have a lot of weak hair it may take several cycles to make them stronger and it will not work for all hairs. Fin inhibits the damaging effect of DHT on the follicles so they can regrow and thicken to some extent. It probably is not your enemy. Let Fin do its work.
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    Nizoral 1% 2-3 times a week. 0.5% OC000459 in eth/pg vehicle every twice a week
    Give the MtF transgender intensive estrogen regimen, in addition antiandrogen. Bet he gets regrowth.

    Rassman is wrong. Just because antiandrogens doesnt regrow hair, does not mean no substances can regrow hair.

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    bently1 says:

    Hey guys. I'm one of the old timer PS1 guys too. Been at it since 2003 lol. Can't remember how many groups I was in, three or four. I'd like to echo Vin and Bocor's comments. You put it on your head and it grows hair - everywhere - quickly. We took a lot of **** on the public forums after we said results could occur after only nine or ten days, but it's true. It's a totally different method of action as Vin has said. I believe it's entirely possible for a nw7 to regrow a child's head of hair using this stuff for long enough ( I've heard a few things from a fair few guys ).

    Vinthechin, Yes amazing results and what attracts me to it the most is i wasnt using anything else.Just PSI alone and it doesnt care if theres dht or not it just grows hair regardless. Im most interested in this because i know it works for me and i hope we can set up a continual supply through this site. If thats possible i could just use PSI a few times a year and stop wearing hats all the time

    Von MatinB auf Hairsite:

    "Forgive me for not coming back here more often. The last couple of months have been busy both professional and personal - I can not say I no longer care about my hair loss, but several things have changed my perspectives, my outlook on my life.Short summary:

    Results: it is day 39 today. Application and ended last week. You can tell the difference by both visual (naked eye) and tactile observation of the two drug target areas

    hairdecent immortal hair

    I've been using NEOSH101/PS1 and it totally is the best thing out there for changing the scalp to a state ready to grow hair. Not to mention stopping loss

    hairdecent immortal hair

    I've been using NEOSH101/PS1 and it totally is the best thing out there for changing the scalp to a state ready to grow hair. Not to mention stopping loss.

    I ran out of it after making it last a very long time by using a small amount and skipping days between applications

    bocor on immortal hair:
    First of all i would like to say i wish we could generate some more interest in getting lab certified PSI....I managed to get ahold of 100 mg once through some guy named Frizz...i was part of a yahoogroup or something who also ordered TB4 but i think it just died out.But PSI definitely grew alot of hair in only 3 weeks.It was unbelievable....I thought i found my cure but we lost that source and went through another pharmacy with a new batch that was yellow instead of white

    cruiser from hlhabout psi:
    Results with psi were the best of any treatment like magic is the best way to describe results but they gradually declined over 6 months and no more source.Results were so good seemed like there just HAS to be side effects but i didnt notice any when i was on it but only did 21 day cycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomisthinning View Post
    thats true, but how come alot of people say once the hairloss process is triggered and switched on then there is nothing you can do to stop it. not even the likes of propecia or avodart.

    dr. rassman from balding blog posted a blog today regarding avodart and male to female sex change. the guy was taking 5mg fin, and spiro, and still had no benefits in terms of his hair, and wants to go on dutasteride instead. doctor rassman mentions that once the hairloss process is triggered by androgens, then it will happen regardless. if this dood did not get benefits from powerful things like 5mg fin and spiro combined, and not even avodart can help, leds me to think, once its triggered its to late, and those weak hairs will be lost permanently instead of thickening. things like castration dont even thicken up hairs, and its even more powerful than fin or dut. plus castration does't even work to stop hairloss afer puberty becuase the genes have been switched on by the androgen, and only works before puberty. so doctor rassman is right, once the hairloss is activated then its to late
    You're jumping to conclusion way too fast. Just because one guy didn't respond to it you think it's all pointless? Stop obsessing over your situation and continue your regimen. You'll be fine!
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    proscar, cyproterone, estrace
    I've been wondering about other men on estrogen therapy since thats it was what my doctor recommended, but from what I've be reading it doesn't so good for most men. Being in a small town with one doctor doesn't have many options.

    I started estrogen about 8 months ago when finestride wasn't working as effective. I don't seem to be losing as much hair on the crown compared to my younger brother who is not on any therapy. It doesn't seem have any more affects than what I been through with finastride for 2 years.

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    even with meds and niz I'm shedding 100 a day

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    Hi. i bump this thread.I lose everyday more than 200 or 300 hairs per day. I,m afraid of getting a shower cause i lose so much hair. I,m on minox, nizoral, avidart, lots of suplements but it doesn,t stop the shedding.

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    I'm doing niz 2-3 x's a wk and letting it sit so it's working now. I lose like 20 hairs a day.

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