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    Hair loss success but how do I stop the 'greys'?

    For the last few years i've halted my hair loss using niz, minox & dut. I now use just revita & dut 0.5mg x 2 per week, but at the age of 45 i've got a few grey hairs. I learnt my hair saving regime off this site and wondered if anyone can point me towards how i stop it going grey (other than dye)?

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    Re: Hair loss success but how do I stop the 'greys'?

    Apparently grey hair is caused by internal bleaching of the hair by hydrogen peroxide which we have in our bodies. We have a chemical called catalase which breaks down the hydrogen peroxide but as we grow older we produce less and less catalase which leaves the hydrogen peroxide to turn our hair grey. Anyone know of a legitimate supplier of catalase supplement capsules?

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    Grey hair is usually associated with ageing but Besides age some major reason of grey hairs are:
    1.Bad Diets
    2.Vitiligo: It is a condition in which the hair and skin loses its pigmentation due to a decrease in melanin production derivatives of the amino acid tyrosine that is responsible for and hair pigmentation
    4.Being a Smoker
    5.Environmental Pollution
    6.Hair Care Products
    7.Genetic Predisposition

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    Hair Loss Priorin Bayer Capsules is a nutritional supplement based on millet extract, Wheat Germ Oil and L-cystine and vitamin B5, which gives your hair the necessary nutrients from the root fortifying and enhancing the hair growth over healthy and strong.

    This is the most popular product in Europe, and has purchased a lot of positive / attractive brainer!

    Good luck and good day!

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    My own treatment
    Gray hair smoothed and retard its appearance with the daily use of a homemade lotion that you can make at home, it's easy: in a suitable container place 1 liter of water, add a prewashed avocado seed and simmer for 15 minutes. Let it cool and apply this lotion after washing your hair, the results are slow but the remedy is effective

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    1ml minox twice per day, 1.25mg fin per day, nizoral shampoo twice per week, occasional emu oil/castor oil/coconut oil soak, 5mg biotin per day, 1 teaspoon of MSM per day, other supplements...
    There's some talk online about tackling grey hair by shifting to a higher protein diet (and reducing carbs). Like a lot of these theories, there's a heap of people who say that after doing this their hair stopped going grey or even reduced the grey. Also, taking l-tyrosine (500 to 1000mg per day) is meant to help cause l-tyrosine is involved as a rate limiting step with catalase, and tyrosine is much cheaper than supplements with catalase in it, but questionable as to how effective tyrosine actually is. At this stage I think dyes (preferably without ammonia) are the cheapest and most convenient option.

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    Sulfate free ketoconazole shampoo
    argan oil
    Pura D'or has a pretty good grey hair prevention shampoo. Its doesn't have any harmful chemicals so it should be good with your other hair treatments

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    @dut you had great success using Minox (as part of your routine) and you just stopped using it ?
    ehm ... didn't all your minox-dependant hair shed ?

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    Fairy power
    I really wanna know about this. I'm only 28 years old. Well soon 29, under a lot of stress lately, and because of the stress, I go out drinking after work, smoking, womanizing. And in turn, now I have salt-and-pepper hair on my sides.

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    Liquid minoxidil 2% 1ml a day, sometimes 2ml.
    Genetic predisposition is pretty much the number one factor and main one. Believing that stress causes the hairs to turn white is like believing that stress causes MPB.

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