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    Excessive armpit sweat

    I've taken finasteride for about 6 months now, and the last 3 months I've had some major problems with excessive sweating under my arms. The sweating becomes worse when concentrating or when nervous etc.

    This is very inconvenient, because I work in an office where I need to fully concentrate 100% of my worktime, and this makes my arms sweat like hell. I need to go the toilet just to wash my armpits 5-10 times per day. This at least makes the sweat not smell, but just 3-5 mins after I am clean, I can feel the sweat building up and run down my arms. I've never before in my life had any problems at all with sweating, it's been quite the opposite.

    I was treated with Citalopram and Mianserin for depression during the time that the sweating started, and both these medicines have sideeffects that cause sweating, but they discontinue when you stop taking them.

    Could there be a link between taking antidepressants at the same time as finasterid? Or have any of you encountered this issue?

    Just by writing this post my arms started sweating... The weird part is I am not getting handsweat or sweat in any other places, just under my arms. It seems all my sweat just comes out there.

    I'd highly appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    Re: Excessive armpit sweat

    .....I am so confused, as well as frustrated, but this post.

    You CLEARLY state that you took 2 medications that could cause excessive sweating. Yet, you somehow think that there is a link between those drugs and fin? Personally, I've never heard of Fin causing excessive sweating.

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    Re: Excessive armpit sweat

    This post makes no sense.

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    Re: Excessive armpit sweat

    Let me try again, my post may seem confusing as stated above. There is no documentation that any of the meds I took for depression have persistent side-effects, and I only took these meds for about a week each. The reason of why I took them or quit them is irrelevant. These medicines can cause sweating during the time you start/quit using it, but it will make your entire body sweat. I've searched the net and asked my doctor about persistent sweating in armpits, but have found no one experiencing the similar sides, hence why I think there could be a link with combining SSRI medicine with finasteride.

    I think I may have developed some kind of hormone unbalance because of this combo.

    The reason I even mentioned the taking of SSRI is because that is the only logic reason that my sweating became so severe. Now that I think of it, the sweating started before taking the SSRI medicine, but became much worse during the past few months. And as mentioned, that is the only change I can think of to make it this bad.

    Hope you get a better view of my problem. If something is not clear, ask and I will try to answer.

    Thanks again.

    PS: Rawtashk, if you search for "Finasteride excessive sweating" on google you will find many encountering similar issues as me. I can't find any information that could help me enough.

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    Re: Excessive armpit sweat

    do you drink coffee? That can make some sweat.

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