I started experiencing hair thinning/loss in my mid-twenties which was horribly jarring, which led me here. I read post after post about the various do's and don'ts, and all of the recommendations therein. Everyone was so indirectly helpful, so a belated thanks to all for that. I never had much to add, so I never posted much (under another user name that I can't recall, and the site won't let give me my password with email alone). I'm back, as things are once again going down hill.

At the initial start of my hair issues, I visited a local hair loss "club" that did a microscopic imagery thing to my scalp to show that there was thinning and such at the crown and vertex. They recommended a few things, and I left. I then went to my dermatologist that spent five minutes looking me over, and prescribed me Propecia and gave me samples of Rogaine (same things the "club" recommended). I filled the prescription for Propecia, but the side effects and stories of hair loss with Rogaine kept me from ever trying it.

I have been on Propecia faithfully now for ten years. However, it appears it has finally started to lose its effectiveness - completely. Two months ago, I had a wonderfully thick head of hair. Starting just over two months ago, I began noticing extra hairs in the shower, and a crown that wasn't as full as it once was. The temples looked/look okay, but a thinness all over. That, and the skin crawling, tingling, burning, or whatever you want to call it feeling in the crown and vertex/temporal region has returned. And it's bad - to the point of being distracting. I haven't experienced this since before or right when starting Propecia. This feeling stopped once fully into Propecia.

I just started using the Revivogen system (shampoo, condition, and hair tonic) last week. The reviews are mixed on this product line, but I figured it was the next safe well-known option. I also started the herbal NuHair treatment (pills only), but stopped them as they made my, ahem, number one going feel a little funny.

So... Now I am seriously freaking out. Propecia is kind of it, right? Once it stops working, what does one, or what can one do next? Are things hopeless for me? I'm so completely and utterly a mess over what to do. I've spent equal parts looking for hair loss remedies to the quickest, most painless means to, well, you know. I even cleaned out my desk at work just in case I have to bolt for certain reasons. No one can really tell that I'm losing my hair just yet, unless you really stare at my crown, but the time is coming... fast. I'm not super vain, but I need at least something to go right for me. I don't have it in the looks department, so now my hair has to go too? Thanks genes!

Anyway, if Propecia really has stopped working for me, should I try Adovart (Dutasteride)? Can I even get that without a prostate problem? Is the topical Spiro cream this site sells worth it?

I even thought about getting hair grafts or whatever they're called, but it seems kind of early for that since I don't yet have a full smooth patch yet and I wouldn't want them to damage what's left. Though, all seems totally doomed at this point.

So, that's my story. Perhaps I'm being over dramatic, but given how things affect different people in different ways, I feel pretty honest in my doom and gloom perspective.

Any insight anyone can give, would be greatly appreciative.